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Copied and modified from reply of Kevin Smarts, illume, tce, Degeneracy, mundungo1, Lantera, s4n, pellizza, Sadicia, golgo13, Ekay, saulot80, Rodziel, doodab, Vaelon, JulienJaden, Benteparle, Ramia73, Violet Kitten, Carrera...

Index of this FAQ:

-0. Introduction : About this FAQ.
-1. Game system : QSP player, game system related issue.
-2. General gameplay : Common and basic issues about gameplay.
-3. Alternative start: Highschool girl : Events only available in highschool girl storyline.
-4. Game events : Events in both main TF and highschool girl mode.
-5. New Clothing systems : About the new Clothing system after 5.0
-6. Pregnancy and femalecycles : About the new OOX system after 5.0


Q0-1: Are there any gameplay guides beyond whats in the FAQ? Seems like a ton of content but hard to find areas that are developed or have interesting things to do because there are so many options and systems in place.

A:Kevin Smarts: The FAQ is the first part of the wiki that is actively increasing. The main body of it is only bare bones at the momment.
illume: try search the keywords. That's why I put all subjects in a single page.
I (will try to) keep porting and sorting new Q&A from main post here.
Maybe someone would be kind and leisure enough to put these FAQ into separated pages in the future.

Q0-2: I think some FAQ item were wrong!

A: illume: If you know what's correct, please pm me http://tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=25498.
If you can't trigger as this FAQ said, please post a reply on http://tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=5882 , describe your question, and tell use you have read the FAQ id.

Q0-3: is the wiki free for people to edit? This game would be even better with better documentation.

A: Sadly, no.
Kevin Smarts: To edit the wiki you need dev access to the repo and that comes with a lot of other rights that could be mis-used. If you want to submit stuff, post as .txt to a file host site and send link to illume or Kevin Smarts and we'll post it up. I know its not ideal, but we are limited by the way the site works.

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Q1-1: I find a bug! How can I report this?

A: illume: please check the Report Bug page.

Q1-2: How can I got ETO girl life English Community Version (ECV) working on my pc? please start from beginning.

A: Kevin Smarts, illume, Darkarhon:
I. Install QSP Player

  1. Download and install the QSP Player
    http://qsp.su/?option=com_content&view=article&id=64 (First link is for windows but if you have google chrome you will find out fast)
  2. press ALT + L to select Language

II. Download Girl life ECV files

  1. IGDB page: http://www.tfgamessite.com/index.php?module=viewgame&id=597
    Download the 0.7.0 complete image pack
    Download the Sound Pack
    Download the 0.7.0 QSP file
    Download the QSP-Video Player and make sure to use this to run Girl Life.

** If you are using Firefox or Chrome you need the Mega add-on to download 2GB+ size files, if you're using a different browser use it to dl Firefox or Chrome.
** If you are using old pc with FAT16 pattern(single file up to 2Gb), you must use a newer pc to download and extract the core image pack.

  1. Install: See Image Library page for step-by-step detail
    in short: Make a folder called Girl Life and put these packs in there in order(from top to bottom)

III. There's no need to put the QSP player in the same folder as with Girl Life just dump it somewhere :P.
I personally make a folder for H-Games and store them all in there so it helps with storing them and finding them.

Q1-2-1: Why I have no image or sound in game / Which file should I download from image library / How could got this game work?

A: illume: please check the Image Library page.

Q1-2-2: Can I play it on my smart phone? Android or iPhone?

A: illume: For Android user, follow this
For iPhone user, you may try on AeroQSP (external link)

Q1-2-3: Are animated gifs supposed in QSP?

A: Kevin Smarts: No all moving images should be in mp4 format and that is why you must use the updated QSP players.

Q1-2-4: How can I register in 4pda? I can`t properly enter the russian captcha

A: sigi333: download the 4pda app. on the android app you dont need captcha to register. register then go to the forums section. i would adwise checking last date of the last post, cause the list of forum topics are listed by last reply date on the app. find the thread and dl.

Q1-3: Seeing as there are some pissing events already in game, will there be a bladder status bar for the new fetish system?

A: illume: In short, no. We would have a new Fetishes preference system after 5.2, but nothing about pissing yet.
Sadicia: Bladder function is not a fetish, currently no one has taken on the task of bladder and bowel function. I would think it would be more appropriately tied to the hunger/thirst system. then the appropriate fetishes could be tied to it.

but as these don't exist yet and most people don't think watersports and scat is anything but gross. I don't yet forsee a need to include them.

Q1-4: Do you still looking into russian version for possible events?

A: illume: I'm doing importing stuff from russian versions, you can check log on wiki.

But no, I've no idea when would they release new version. Please check on their forum yourself.

By the way, our current 0.7 release already contain Russian 1.2.4 new events.

Q1-5: Do you know about uncut version (version 1.2.5 at the time)?

A: s4n: I don't think anyone added the improvements from the uncut version. Is there anything in particular that you would like to see? In English version we never remove contents like the Russian 1.2.x did.
illume: I roughtly check the "russian uncut 1.2.4" version by speaking_fish, It copy old (removed) codes from previous version and pasted in. Because the russian team had rewrite and combine almost every script, these old codes may cause unexpected bug. Besides, It's looks like Speaking_fish's personal release to me, you should ask him directly.

Q1-6: How can I get the latest version? / Is there any new test version available currently ?

A: illume: For stable version, Try our IGDB page.
For developer version, check our git
A: Kevin Smarts :Either use the IGDB release, or goto my repo, it should be easy to navigate to it from the wiki (you will have to register, but its run by TFGames, so its as safe as here, just can't share profiles). On the main page (project) there's a green button with PASSED wrtten on it, that brings up the builds and the top one (might be only one) has a download artifacts button. That's the latest gitlab version.
Kevin Smarts: You should use DEV build with care and sometimes there will be errors, just post here what the error pop-up says and I'll know what I broke.
GitLab is where we post the development stuff. Its on the same site as the wiki and part of TFgames, but you can't use the same log-in, although you can make an account in the same name.

Q1-7: I love some images in the game, How can I find them in image library? / I find some interesting images, what's the events related to it?

A: saulot80: You need QGen4 or QGen5 to do this.
1) download qgen from qsp.su (russian site) http://qsp.su/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=46&Itemid=56
2) download from develope git repo http://git.tfgamessite.com/KevinSmarts/girllife-ecv.git
3) or if you still have some old version of glife, or another version of eto-girl, there should be a folder named "PLAYER".
Start up qgen4 or 5, open the .qsp game file, and hit the button "Search".

From that "search" paste the name of the image you are curious about, and you will find every reference of that image in the game.
This works fine for unique named images. If you find some image part of a number set (like kitchen1, kitchen2, kitchen3) they are "probably" part (with the most recent codings) of event random images, so your best bet there is just to search for "kitchen".

you can do the same thing whenever you are curious about a quest, just copy from the game a line of text part of the event, and past it on the search on qgen. You will find the quest and you will see every variable that is connected to that quest (prerequisites, quest steps , new quest variables, texts before or after the image, etc).

Q1-8: I would like to do some coding, but how does this QSP system works?

A: please check our Coding guide page.

Q1-8-2: What text editor do you use for coding? I'm mainly asking due to syntax hilighting/auto-indent missing on pretty much any editor other than notepad++.

A: Lantera has write a step-by-step guide for Notepad++ here
and s4n has worked on syntax highlight for sublime text here.

Q1-9: How can I make the makeqsp batch file work? DOS prompt shows "python -3 is an unrecognized command"

A: illume: 1. Install python 2 https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-2712/

  1. make sure to select add python to PATH during installation (default to OFF) , or add it manually after installation.

Q1-10: How can I make quest soft player work on linux system? For example, my build is ubuntu 14.04.

A: s4n: Open the terminal and type

sudo apt-get update  
sudo apt-get install libjpeg62  

That should install all the required dependencies, and the qsp-gui executable should just work.

Q1-11: Do we have a Android Quest player with English UI? The one on google play is russian.

A: illume: I havn't get the permission for distribution of translated apk. So you must pack it yourself for English or Chinese UI. Translated XML: mediafire
(1) get the latest 1.1 beta2 from 4pda (russian version), which support Android 5/6.
(2) get 1.02 from google play, which only support up to Android 4 You can use APKtool to pack in the translation. put the corresponding xml to res\values.
Only the system menu are translated, title and icons are still russian.
The only untranslated item in menu is "Select game folder", default to QSP/Game/

Q1-12: How do you remove those "white dots" from gif files?

A: Kevin Smarts: No longer relevant.

Q1-13: Does anyone know who sings the song when you start the game?

A: Ramia73: I asked from the folks on Albedo-forums:
[B]Samvega[/B] wrote:
It appears that song is performed by the band named Friendzone. Name of the song is apparently "Сука, блядь, не дала ебать", which is roughly translates as "Bitch. whore, didn't let to fuck"

here you can find lyrics in Russian

Q1-14: Is there any way to edit save games?

A: There is no software to open a qsp save and edit it.
MadPrince The cheat menu lets you modify a large amount of stats. From money, appearance, relationships, etc
illume You can use the "dynamic input" to exec commands, like run a subfunction or set variable without use Qgen to edit the game file.
Kevin Smarts: Or to save you writing in game code which you might not be too sure about, copy the variable change into the dynamic input in the cheat menu, it will change the variable in question and your game code will be unchanged. :D
Q1-15: How often is a complete image pack released?
Lantera: From now on, only during major releases.
For example, all of the images that get added after 0.7.0 will be gathered in one large 0.7.1 upgrade pack. The 'complete' image pack of 0.7.0 will be good to use, for a good while to come.
0.8.0 will probably get an entirely new image pack again.

Q1-16: Where should I input those command-line in game?

A: Vaelon: Cheat Menu => Dynamic Input Command.

Q1-16-2: What does Dynamic input do?

A: Kevin Smarts: The "Dynamic Input Command" allows one to input code just as if it was in the main game code, so the Microsoft answer to your question is "Yes, just look at the coding guilds."

Q1-17: where is the ''cheat menu'' that everyone is talking about?

A:Kevin Smarts: The cheat menu can be found by clicking the 'Menu' word in the top right object window, or by click the settings icon (middle button) on the phone

Q1-18: About the Mac version of the QSP app: what is the extension of save files?

A:Lantera: Save files are normally .sav files. Sometimes it doesn't display common extensions if you disable that in the settings
Q1-19: the new release claim it will fix a bug, but my old save still goes wrong?
A: illume: leave current location(event), and trigger it again.
the current action and its commands are saved in your .sav, the act after your load may still in old code. A: Kevin Smarts: If you're loading the auto save where you're already in bed then the data that has been fixed is still in memory, get out of bed and then back again and it should fix it.

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Q2-1: What option is best? Your family to think that you are an angel or a whore? What is the best route? Normal or bimbo girl?

A. The game is a sand-box type game, so you can do either, there's no wrong or right, which ever you prefer.

Q2-1-2: Which path has the most / best developed English content?

A: EKay: The Alternate Start and Cursed schoolgirl (which both use the same base game data) is the most developed and seems to get the most new content although the non-storyline stuff such as the BDSM mansion and porn carreer are both in active and extensive development.
Kevin Smarts: Most of the stuff with school friends and family is done, if you do the main game start you'll find everything in the residential area should all be good. As a total we are well past 50% translation and getting more done every week.
Degeneracy: If you want the full experience of the entire game, Cursed schoolgirl has it all. In the options I personally would choose start in August as many npc events are locked behind the first day of school. You can also go to the city and rent a apartment yourself (normal mode start area) if you want to play your char that way.

Q2-2: Where to buy new glasses ?

illume: City, Residential Area --> Clinic --> Go to the optometrist

8,000 ₽ for fashion glasses, 60,000 ₽ for laser correction   

You can check glasses status by cheat menu - dynamic inputglass
0 = no glasses
1 = ugly glasses
2 = fashion glasses
Kevin Smarts: You can upgrade your glasses, but the option only shows if you have the 8,000₽ and wear the ugly glasses so if the laser option is showing it would suggest you already have the good glasses.

Q2-2-2: How can I wear glasses in game?

A: pellizza:
As said you may start with glasses if you choose a nerd Sveta.
If you read and study a lot your sight may get worse with other starting characters too (I had a sport-Sveta needing glasses after one year and a half).
Note that generally your attractiveness is worsened by wearing glasses. Better buy them from the city residential area clinic, they have a lesser impact.
Lantera: Off the top of my head, it takes 100 reading sessions (100 hours of reading in the library, or at home). Your eyes don't ever heal by you taking a break from reading though, the only ways to have your vision restored (so you can read some more!) are wearing glasses and having your eyes lasered.
If you're curious: the variable used for measuring the deterioration of your eyes is called 'blizoruk'. You can enter it in the dynamic input menu to see how close to 100 you are.

Q2-3: How do you get sick ?

A: Degeneracy, Kevin Smarts: Easiest way is going outside on cold days. Not wearing a good coat or underwear adds to this.
Stat dialog will come up as "You are cold". Then travel outside until sick.
5 ℃ is hardly warm, but the cutoff for making you sick from the cold is the triple point of water at sea level - 0.01℃ (that's 0℃).
Outift makes no difference, its all down to the coat. You have to set the default in the cloakroom to use different coats, but they don't make you completely immune, the winters in St Petersburg are brutal.
A: Kevin Smarts: You can live with the cold for a little while before it gets to you, so pop indoors to warm up every so often, by being cold you are at much higher risk of getting ill.

Q2-4: How do you get prettier exactly?

A: Kevin Smarts: The calculation for looks takes into account things like brushed hair, makeup, clothing, shaved legs, skin condition, lip thickness, eye size, glasses, suntan, eyelashes, hip:waist ratio, age and tattoos.
So to improve you can take care of yourself, brush hair, wear makeup, shave legs, sunbath, wear something nice, watch what you eat. After that its more down to cosmetic surgery to get further improvement.

Q2-4-2: How can I improve my skin (apart from cheating)?

A: Kevin Smarts: the cheapest way is to sunbathe, it takes a while and you might trigger some unwanted events. After that there are vitamins, they help over time but can only be taken once per day. Finally you can go to the city and visit the beauty salon, they are expensive but the improvement is instant.
If you were to play with magic available you could get rewarded by the fairy and I think one of the magic level ups helps too.
saulot80: As far as i know:
1) Sunbathe with cream (without cream you get sunburns)
2) daily vitamins
3) take a bath (iirc every 20 baths and vitamins, skin goes up one stage)
4) wash cosmetics before going to sleep (iirc smeared up cosmetics give a penalty to skin stage)
5) the fairy in the park also improves skins by 10 step of those 20, and iirc it's there even in the no magic start.
basically, skin improvements iirc have been set in stages made of 20 steps, vitamins , bath work positively advancing those stages. Sunbathing advances your tan, which contributes to skin beauty factor separately,
and smeared cosmetics work negatively in that 20 steps stage.

Q2-4-3: How can I enlarge/shrink my breast?

A: illume: Without cheatmenu, you can only got silicon enlargement in no-magic mode.
In magic-enabled route (TF start or cursed high school girl start)
Vaelon: First, Get magic to 5 by having 16 orgasms
Next, start eating; watch the hip number, the others are derived from that, so it’s the one to watch. It will only move by one point every other day, since the underlying variable, “salo” can only move 1 point a day and it has to move 2 point to move hips one. You can also go into the “Cheat menu” => “Appearance” => “Show design parameters of body”, and watch “salo = x”; when it hits the end of a category (29, 49, 69, 89, etc.) with an upward trend, you’ll get the dream.
Once you’ve had the dream, the next time you rise into a new category (30, 50, 70, etc.) you will instead lose 3 points of “salo” and gain a point of bust. This will happen 5 times, though by default you should only be 3 point to the next cup size.
You have to sleep to dream, therefore it is possible to miss the first category if it was after midnight when you went to sleep. You can tell if you had this happen by looking at “salo” and seeing values of x1, or x2, i.e. 71, 72. If that happens, drop your weight to the next lower category (49, 69, 89, etc.) then start eating again.
The other thing is to keep your “Mood” up over half. Mood is used in the code as “manna” and reflects both how you feel and how much magic you have available.

Q2-4-4: Do you have to get the 'Your breasts seem fuller.' message multiple times before you go up a cup size?

Kevin Smarts: Yes, it's an incrimental increase, I think it takes 5 of them to get 1 cupsize, but I could be mistaken. Vaelon wrote the body_shape code so would be the one to confirm or correct that. :D

Q2-4-5: How can I change my body shape? I mean figure, muscle, hip, wrist, and so on.

A: illume: If you play in magic route, some spell may help you.
For real route, this would be a long-turn process. Try to tweak your daily eat / exercise, or give up and use cheatmenu.

Q2-5: Where does my pet(s) goes if I don't have property or a rented apartment?

A: Kevin Smarts : You can cook the rabbit in a pie and sell it to the cafe, I know its crazy, but I still translated it.
The parrot does nothing useful, I have been planning for months to allow you to teach it rude words for entertainment, but haven't got around to doing it yet.
Rabbit and parrot were added long ago when there wasn't an alt start, so they don't take it into account. I doubt your parents would let you keep the dog in the apartment, might get away with a parrot.

Q2-6: What is bimbo? How does it work?

A: illume, Kevin Smart: "Bimbo" means Its so much fun not having to think about all those hard things and just having fun and look pretty and meet cute guys and everything..
You need 10 points in bimbo exp to reach bimbo level 1. 10 points for each level, max 3. The 4th isn't available for now, and it would only be in a magic enabled playthrough.
First, you must dress like a bimbo for several days (usually 5~10), so everyone (including yourself) would used to that and start to treat you like a bimbo.
In bimbo mode, you will see You''re, like, super hawt today. on status, and get bimbo bonus in Attractiveness, but penalty in Intelligence.
you can increase your bimbo through sex acts, more than 3 a day good, less than 3 and you'll start withdrawal, which make you depression.
As for events, There are a couple of events hidden around, one in the park and I think the toilets in the train stations

Q2-6-2: How do I keep my bimbo Sveta feeling "super hawt"? Seems kinda random when it drops to her having a bad day, even if she gets alot of cock in her it drops.

A: Vaelon: Do at least 4 bimbo things a day: sex, bj's, or wearing bimbo clothing (counts as 2, but only once).

Q2-7: Are there any exhibition events?

A: illume: There is a redone project for this, may change in later version. (not before 6.0, I guess.)
For now, you must play Nastya's storyline for a introduction to exhibition.
First You need be formal clothing and go to City center --> restaurant --> common room
Formal clothing means Wear formal cloth, Do makeup, Curl your hair, and NOT sweaty.

In common room, if your energy > 15 (You are not that hungry), with 20% chance you may
notice a girl, sitting alone. She looks pretty attractive.
Smile at her
to start Nastya's storyline. In the end, you will got 1~2 exhibi experience.

After that (exhibi > 0), you may trigger series of exhibition events all around the game, and enhance your exhibitionism.
For now, the max level is 4.
You can also check Q4-4 for Nastya's Quest.
** Being hypnotized by the therapist in town clinic may also give you exhibition points.
A: Kevin Smarts: You can

  • flash in the queue to the kiosk and post office somtimes
  • walk in the city park in your underwear,
  • leave grandma's sauna nude, return to the vilage nude,
  • orgasm more freely in porn movies,
  • look for an audience when masturbating on the balcony,
  • masturbate in the alley in old town and agree to the body painting with the art students in old town.
    Q2-7-2: How can I go sunbathing naked? Do i need an exhibition point first or is there something else?
    - A: Kevin Smarts: you need exhibitionism points.

Q2-8: How do you take of your clothes at the secluded beach in Pavlovsk?

A: Kevin Smarts: You need to high enough exhibitionism.

Q2-9: Are generic bfs the random guys that you give your numbers to in the City, or am I mistaken?

A: Kevin Smarts : Yeah, that's the fellows, you can bump into them in Pavlovsk (alt start town) too

Q2-10: How long will piercings hurt for ? For example ears?

A: Kevin Smarts: Ages, the cooldown is set way too low. I didn't get time to test for balance before release.
(Answered in 5.1 release) I will speed up recovery a great deal, plus painkillers and painreduction from drink and drugs are on the git version.

Q2-11: What is the translation of gopnik?

A: Lantera: Gopnik is a generic (not very flattering) term to describe a certain age/social group in Russia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gopnik
Even though I feel like the stereotype comes close to a caricature: it's that, basically. Hard to capture in one or two words, since it's a typical cultural thing.
Obviously Vasily and his friends do some of them (their clothes choice makes em look the part, they drink alcohol in the park a lot to pass the time, they don''t show a whole lot of respect to others (Sveta included), overall...), but I don't think they would go to the extreme of beating up passers-by for the hell of it. I don't see them use underworld slang either, but all of that might have gone lost in the machine translation.
The Gopniks in the city apartments do beat Sveta (who is basically a stranger) up if she looks at them wrong.
Honestly the Gopniks as a whole seem a little scattered and confused. Like in the Shulgins' apartment you can be all willing and they're actually kinda sweet (in a possessive way) to you, but then you meet them in the park and they're all "oh look it's that filthy whore" and you're all "I am not very enthusiastic about this". And then you see them in school and they're all like "c'mere slut to the bathrooms" and you're all "oh no" and then you try to talk to them at the disco and they're like "gtf away from me skank, I only talk to pure virginal girls(lol)
And those gopniks in the city seems have nothing to do with my Sveta, except watching.

Q2-11-2: There are gopniks in city and town, are they the same people?

A: In short, NO.
Kevin Smarts: No, there are some shared names which makes it confusing. I'd guess at some point when making the alt start the thought was to make young versions of some of the city characters but those connections are no longer valid, some traits remain but other characteristics and circumstances don't match.
Lantera: The ones in the city are (I think randomly named) NPCs that hang around near your house... drinking beer, being loud. If you drink beer with them often, sometimes they'll want cough something from you in return but usually just leave you be. If you refuse to have a beer with them, they're deeply insulted and cause all sorts of trouble for you.
For the town one, Vasily, Vitek and Dan are also part of the Gopnik demographic so to speak, but have nothing to do with the ones in the city.
And yea iron_jack, I agree... they are all over the place indeed. 0.6.0 is going to be a large rebalancing of things, I reckon those variables will be looked at for sure then (and the texts will be adjusted to make their responses more uniform and fitting).

Q2-12 : The "automatic take birth control pill" sometimes goes wrong, I still got pregnancy!

A: Kevin Smarts: The auto birthcontrol is intentionally flawed. If you just turn it on and leave it you will at some point forget, then you'll slowly get worse and worse at remmebering until you aren't taking it at all. You have to check the number of pills every so often and take the pills yourself if missed to get back on track.

Q2-12-2: Is there a Dynamic Input I can use to fix from pregnancy?

A: Kevin Smarts: As for resetting pregnancy, that would depend on the version you're using. As far as I know only the current version will reset from the cheat menu. After that, dynamic input

knowpreg = 0 & thinkpreg = 0  

These are the variables checked, but there is a lot going on in pregnancy code so it might set them again.

Q2-13: recently the status bar stopped displaying if and where my character has sperm on them. Additionally, the prompt to wash it off doesn't appear in bathrooms. It's like everyone is shooting is air. :D Anyone know what's up?

A: Kevin Smarts: I'd guess that sexcontra has been set and not removed, dynamic input

sexcontra = 0  

Q2-14: I think my body measurements display is in inches (13.5-8-15.75). What happened?

A: tce: Did you clicked body modification in cheat menu? Or did you train to Karin and tell her you're too fat and do not want to get fat in magic enabled storyline?
For the first, you must use body modification again and input the correct value (like 34-20-40)
for the second, dynamic input

dounspell = 0

Q2-15: What's the best way to get money besides cheating? Best thing I found is working on hotel for 250 + tips

A: Kevin Smarts: As for making money, I think the pornstar route is the most financially rewarding, but glamour modeling pays well. The jobs you can get through the web on your laptop pay quite well. There are some nice tips you can earn as a live in maid for Tanya's family, but they are once per day. The office job can pay well, especially as it progresses and some of the random boyfriends will give you cash which can be quite generous if you make an effort to dress and dye your hair to suit their tastes.
There's probably more I've missed, this game is very big.
tce: Selling trinkets at the train station is the best, buy them for 100 each at the staorage terminal in the city, sell them between 11:00 and 11:30 and 18:00 and 18:30 for 300 each. You will have to either bribe or have sex with the cops though.
Kevin Smarts: Oh, I forgot. Becoming a European championship runner is good money, you'll need to run at the city fitness center and it will break the school running competions and related quests if you get too good for them before they come up, and kickboxing isn't bad money.
golgo13: Have not tried it in any of the recent test versions, but working as a bookkeeper for Arthur in Pavlosk used to be one of the quickest ways to make money. It paid 10,000 a day and a chance for either some free cosmetics or an additional 1,000.

Q2-15-2: How can I apply a secretary job?

A: golgo13: the secretarial course is at the community center in the Northern/Industrial Region of the City and costs 15,000 and takes ten classes to get your secretarial diploma.
Q15-2-2: Is there a progression path in the secretary job in the city ? what is the highest rank achievable ?
A: Kevin Smarts: Do you mean the office where everyone is caled the same name?
There you can become the office slut and the boss can start whoring you out.

Q2-15-3: besides the porn, Secretary, professional runner, and glamour careers. is there any other jobs you can join?

A: Lantera: There are jobs you can do (work at the café in the city residential area, the burger restaurant in the city center, the garment factory in Pavlovsk, the teaching job in Pavlovsk, to name a few examples), but none of them have a distinct 'career path' with a lot of progression.
golgo13: and the strip club in the City Center. I think the club opens at 15:00.

Q2-16: What exactly do the tattoo's do? and depending on each one and their place do they do different things?

A: Kevin Smarts: having checked, the tattoo coefficient isn't filled, do we want to add anything for it, or is it just a matter of taste?

Q2-17: How can I use the buttplug? I can use the vibrator in pussy, but havent found the buttplug option

A: Kevin Smarts: I'll assume you bought one, then you'll have to use the enema kit to get it nice and clean first

Q2-17-2: Is there any event related to the buttplug?

A: Lantera: There's some interactions with it during a couple of scenes, but nothing major. That said, an event in the sex shop cannot be accessed unless you're very horny, very submissive and are wearing a buttplug... so maybe that counts?

Q2-18: How can I lower reputation? (except cheat menu)

A: You can lower your reputation only in highschool girl mode, in town. Lantera: If Vitek is your boyfriend, he will get upset about hearing what you've been up to and confront you about it. If you tell him it's all lies, you take a massive hit to 'sub' but your GorSlut (reputation in Pavlovsk) is reset to zero. Reason being, he beats everyone up who mentions it, so people stop talking about it.
If GorSlut is 3 or higher and you leave the disco with a guy, he will expect you to do what he wants. If you refuse and keep refusing, your reputation is lowered to 2. It'll cost you a tooth, though... he doesn't like being denied.
Ekay: Loss of a tooth adds a penalty to your looks for every missing tooth. And by a hit to your sub, it increases it by 20...
Looking at the way Vitek's location starts, it oughta be repeatable. There might be something in another location preventing this though, so I could be wrong. Your submissiveness is increased by a lot (+20, you have to grovel and plead and such to make him believe you), so that could be considered a penalty. Sorry for the confusion.
Lantera: The tooth loss is indeed fixable at the dentist, for 30,000 rubles a piece. It's an expensive way out, but it's a way out. Until you have it fixed, you get a negative modifier to vnesh (beauty) for missing a tooth (or more, if you do this more than once).

Q2-19: Which reputation level has the largest amount of content available?

A: Lantera: As for what content is open when, and where the sweet spot is for 'most content'... hard to say. Some boyfriends and/or classmates will no longer do certain things with you when you're known to be slutty at all (GorSlut=0 or nothing for them), but other sexual options open up when it's at least 1 (guys trying to force themselves onto you, or guys hoping to have some fun with you because they know you're not queamish). At 6, certain prostitution options become available. There's content you'll only see when you're at 0, there's content you'll see in the lower tiers, and then there's content you'll only see at 6. I feel like 4 and 5 don't do particularly much, but I could be wrong.

That's all due for an overhaul anyway, so it might not still be this way in a month from now.

A lot of players do different 'playthroughs'... trying to remain pure in one, or at least trying to remain a virgin in one where only oral and anal is allowed, one dominant playthrough, one submissive playthrough, etc. If you get enough time to still play the game (I spend much more time in Notepad++ than in QSP these days :lol: ), you could create a save for each and have time to explore everything without having to resort to the cheat menu.

Q2-20: I have purchase a mansion, but where is it?

A: JulienJaden: You can purchase the land for the mansion from the Real Estate Agent (In city center. You can only rent Apartment on their website.) for about 1,5 million Rubles (they need to be on your bank account - I don't think the option even shows up if you don't have it). You then have to invest A TON more (didn't count how much but its several millions at least) to actually build and furnish it.
To find the location, you have to exit the Northern Region of St. Petersburg on foot (or in your car) - You'll notice that the description says:
You're on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. You see a number of crudely made huts near the trees, a bunch of homeless people must have sought shelter here.
"Walk/Drive towards Pavlovsk" once. The text has changed:
You're not very far from St. Petersburg. You see a bunch of luxury houses not far from the road. That settlement looks like it's very expensive to live in.
If you bought the mansion (or at least the land for it), these luxury houses are where you'll find it.

Q2-21: What are those factors about boyfriends in cheat menu?

A: Lantera: 'Nature' is his personality (kind and caring = 0, neutral = 1, demanding and masculine = 2)
'izvraschnnost' (standard = 0, more open-minded = 1) is how perverse he is sexually,
'relationship' is basically an amount of points as to how much he likes you,
'term relationship' is for how long you have been dating.
'Enhance' means increase, 'zoom' means decrease.
Don't read too much into the perverseness score, it doesn't do much. In fact, the only thing I've been able to find for it is how open-minded he'd be to you f***ing him with a strap-on. Most sexual behaviour is included in the personality score, which in your case means you have a butch, sexually demanding boyfriend.

Q2-22 What's the new clothing system after 0.5.0?

A: illume: please check the New Clothing Systems section in this FAQ.

Q2-23 What's the new Body Shape after 0.5.2?

A: Vaelon: please check the Body Shape page.

Q2-23-2: How do Svetas nipple and clit grow? I've managed to get her nipple bigger, bu I'm not sure if it's because of the pump or because she is pregnant.

A: golgo13: If you use magic (original start or cursed school girl) talking to the fairy enough in the park in Pav will eventually give an option to make these larger.

Q2-24 What's the new Succubus system after 0.5.2?

A: Vaelon: please check the Succubus page.

Q2-24-2: How can I make myself not a succubus, that is revert back to being human? I'm fairly advanced in the quest. (K-whatever is putting together the materials for the first ritual.)

A: Kevin Smarts: There should be on option on magic page of the cheat menu 'Remove & Reset Succubus status', right at the top.

Q2-25: I can't take shower or use the tub in my bathroom?

A: Kevin Smarts: You can't use them if you don't have shampoo, try buying some in supermarket. :D

Q2-26: How do I raise magic?

A: In Short, Orgasm.
Kevin Smarts: You have to be on a magic enabled playthrough (main game or cursed school girl), your magic is enhanced by sexual energy, you will get some more info naturally in game as you start to work on that. Just keep on having fun and you'll find that magic level increasing away.

Degeneracy: For quicker Orgasm's(more frequent), become a bimbo. Bimbo raises the minimum horniness level, 25/50%(?). Which lets the char orgasm more without the issue of bad moods due to the constant sex acts.

Q2-27: I think I read somewhere in the thread that the setting is supposed to be somewhere near St. Petersburg. If that's so, I wanted to point out that the temperatures in outdoors seem very off compared to these statistics.

A: nutluck: It is based on a real town near St Petersburg and the city in the game is base on it. But keep in mind we are keeping them not exact and fictional on purpose.
Kevin Smarts:I changed the temperatures to fit with the averge min/max and record min/max taken from the BBC weather service site for St Petersburg, so they can exceed the average range, but never make the record books. The BBC weather service is usually accurate in these matters, and your link shows the same record temps, but its the average highs and lows that really give the right feel of a place.
Q2-28: Is there a skill that determines how charming or social she is?
A: Kevin Smarts: No, things like int or dom are usually used for these kind of checks

Q2-29: The appearance score. What would be considered ugly, below average, average, above average, cute, attractive, good looking, beautiful, model level good looks+, what number ranges would apply roughly that those levels of looks?

A: Kevin Smarts: Who knows? Between the changes from the clothing, bimbo and sweat systems noone has calibrated the new scale. Maybe someone like Malen or Vaelon would be willing to plot some points on the scale then if required we can adjust it to give more meaningful results.

Q2-30: I seem stuck in a loop of waking up with max arousal, getting off in the shower, going through my day, and waking up with max arousal again.

A: Kevin Smarts: If you are a succubus or having erotic dreams about your stepfather, then you will wake up very aroused.

Q2-31: Does the health get damaged if food/drink meter go down to red or only if it goes to 0?

A: Kevin Smarts: The food will eventually be bad for you, but no way near as quickly as the cold.
illume: after 0.5.2(new body system) , except health, you will also lose your fat, even your cup size for starving

Q2-32: Does there any STDs in this game? / How does STDs work? / Help, I got a STD!

A: Kevin Smarts: STDs can really mess you up and might not be obvious. The STD clinic at the main clinic can help you there. Also the health loss for not using sanitary wear during a period is way out of kilter and in need of fixing.

Q2-33: What determines your max mood / Mana / magic point / MP ?

A: Lantera: mannamax = (intel * magik) + vital * 5
illume mood, or call it "Mana" or "Mp" in magic-route. Hit zero will reduce your willpower , leading to a bad end "insane"

Q2-34: How can I train Reaction besides that one Naruto character?

A: Kevin Smarts: Nude beach volleyball by the lake near the city or playing video games with school friend Albina are the traditional means.

Q2-35: How important is the stat? It feels like it's used for initiative in combat.

A: Vaelon: I believe it is, but there isn't much combat atm.
I've been slowly working my way through the combat systems to try and make heads or tails of them for some time, but, while there are comments that help a bit, the whole of the combat systems set is spread across 5 or 6 locations that make for some... interesting code tracing. Since it actually work fine on the front end (if a bit ugly on the back end), if no one beats me to it, once I feel I'm fully understanding of all the mechanics I'm eventually going to try and consolidate it down to 1 to 3 locations (and comment the ever-loving crap out if it :D ).

Q2-36: Is there a way to change your character image? It said I needed to find the root folder and replace an image with the same name.

A: Vaelon: Body images: You can add and lock custom image sets in "Cheat Menu" => "Body Image Controls". To hit a specific image, you need to hit the correct weight category listed in the specific set.
Face image: "Cheat Menu" - "Appearance" - "Custom Avatar: ON"
This will use "avatar.jpg" in the same directory as "glife.qsp" to overwrite the face image.

Q2-37: My character is constantly at 90% arousal. It never goes down, even after orgasm

A: Kevin Smarts:
(1) You just shoo the fairy in park
(2) This happens if you use cheatmenu to change date to lower then starting date by triggering the fairy curse.
(3) You use the cheat menu : lock horny

Q2-38: Is there a soft cap to attractive (vnesh) to have access to every quest?

A: Vaelon: 120, though some have variants with different levels of vnesh.
Q2-39: how to get back from "ripped" to, say, "toned"? Eating all day... stopped training... nothing happens.

Any chance with the Cheat-Menu? Or as a succubus with "Magic: 8"?  

- A: golgo13: In the Cheat Menu you can adjust body fat on page 2 of Appearance. Play around with the amount of fat and you should be able to get the body type you want. This won't be permanent, so fat will continue to change each day based on diet, exercise, etc.

Q2-40: Is there any way to clear your naked photoshoots. Trying to visit my boyfriends parents but they keep on just saying I am a whore for taking the pictures and saying why I didn't tell them. This event was triggered by telling him I was going to have his baby, though it it isn't true.

A: Kevin Smarts: No, the photos are done and out there, basically you can't marry a nice guy now. You might find a less nice guy and marry them though.

Q2-41: Is it possible for people to find out that you are a porn actress? I am at "minor, but known porn actress" at the moment.

A: Kevin Smarts: Only your possible mother-in-law or fiancee's friends can atm. We are hoping to get a working fame system designed and built sometime in the near future (maybe if Vaelon or Malen get some spare time?) and then we will be able to check against that and add reactions quite easily.
Violet Kitten: The gopniks in the residential area will also recognize you if you drink with them and they won't be too pleased :(

Q2-42: Can I repair or re-size cloth on my own / How can I use Tailoring skills?

A: Kevin Smarts: You should be able to fix clothes if you have 200 sewing and atleast 1 piece of fabric / cloth. You need to view the item in the wardrobe, but it is not guaranteed and could result in the outfit being ruined in the process. The tailor shouldn't fix stuff only re-size.
Yes you can repurchase outfits once they have been thrown away. They aren't that expensive, get a job or something. :D
You can only attempt a repair when it is too worn to wear (0 points of strength), the strength figure is an indication of how much wear is left before you can't wear it, not before it is beyond hope,
You can buy fabric / cloth from the market in Pav, I think you need to know about sewing first.

Q2-43: Where can I get a drivers license? Also can I get a fake school diploma? And a fake passport?

A: EKay You can take driver's education at the community center in the city (industrial region and on weekends, after you are 18).
The fake diploma and passport can be obtained from the suspicious character at the train station in the city

Q2-44: What is the max of attractiveness?

A: Malen: vnesh base is maxed at 100.
Vnesh (or full attractiveness including cloth modify) is limited at 200, and this could go up to 210 with bimbo bonus or succubus bonus, if I remember the supnatvnesh correctly. So it is maximized at 200, or 210 if bimbo or succubus.
Vaelon: you need a 6 in each of 3 of the Thinness, TopCut, Skirt or Pants categories to hit 200.
Kevin Smarts: cloth naughty 23 with big tits will do it

Q2-45: Can I get pregnant by having sex with anyone?
A: Malen: You can get pregnant having sex with anyone (except for the dogs... for now).

Q2-46: where can i find people to fight in the magic story? i already found kisame.

A: Kevin Smarts: There really isn't that many of them, it is something we are revising and I think much of the 0.6 set of updates will focus on this but right now we are reworking the initial plot such as the character names and interactions from that we hope to provide a number of evnets that involve magic and fighting with easy means to add new events for further expansion.

Q 2-47: How to use condoms from my purse?

A: Lantera: I'm fairly sure your condoms are used automatically during sex, if the scene allows it to be your choice (some guys bring their own condoms and use them regardless of what you want, some guys won't give you a choice and will sex you without, even if you have one). The setting in your purse is a toggle: when having sex (use condom / don't use condom).

Q2-48: I've started in June and I am now the 6 of august and the temperature is only 16°C. How can I play water in lake like that?

A: Benteparle: I've checked the normal weather in Russia for summer period. So it's like 16°- 18°for july with variations of +/-10° so it's not so hot in St Peterburg or Moscou. But I will modify it anyway it's too cold even the original could go over 35°C.
Kevin Smarts: Now lake events set at >= 15C which is still plenty warm enough to go for a swim.

Q2-49: Just wondering is it possible to own an apartment in the city? I know you get the apartment at the resident area of the city but I mean actually living in the city. Instead of joining the university and being able to live in the city that way.

A: illume: You can buy or rent one in residental Area, go Real Estate Agency in city center. You can also rent one from internet (use laptop)
Kevin Smarts: As in the city center, the only option atm is to work for Tanya's family as a live in maid.

Q2-50: How do I increase my Willpower? what has been decreasing it?

A: Kevin Smarts: Willpower is treated more like spirit, doing things like washing floors will lower it, doing things like watching TV or having a nice walk will improve it.

Q2-51: where do I find a umbrella?

A: WeCanVectorMan: if you are using Original start,:City-Residential, marketplace.
in Alterstart/CursedAlterstart you get the umbrella right from the start.

Q2-52: Is there a way to remove the university diploma?

A: Violet Kitten: Enter this into Dynamic input

fakediplom = 0  

Q2-53: How do you reset your school diploma?

A: Violet Kitten: Enter this into Dynamic input


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Q3-1. How many years you go to the school, i started the game at 16 years, before you can go to the University?

A. You should be at school until 17, so in your case 1 year. It is possible to miss the graduation and then the game can repeat years.

   Until you have graduated you can't apply for university.  

Q3-2: I'm confused to family relations with highschool girl storyline.

A: Check the Characters page.

Q3-2-2: Is there some kind of variable that determines who you're friends with at game start

A: Lantera:
'Obsessed with books' gives you no friends.
'Good student' makes people in the 'nerd' group your friends.
'Queen of the nerds' also makes people in the 'nerd' group your friends.
'Volleyball player' makes people in the 'athletic' group your friends.
'Lots of friends' makes people in the 'Gopnik' group your friends.

People in your friend group (you can find who is in what group by checking where they hang out at school, and with whom) get a bonus to your starting relationship. As it happens, only the 'nerd' girls (which Julia and Natasha belong to) have friendships where you can visit them from the get-go. You can't visit all of them right away though; Artem requires unlocking, for example.
Some groups you just can't visit at home at all (like the Gopnik classmates, except when you're their girlfriend and even then far from all of them), and I think most of the athletic group can't be visited at home either. Those who can be visited require you to unlock it in some shape or form first.

Q3-3: is there a junior cup for volleyball? Using cheatengine I set the volleyball wins to 19 and won the final game but nothing changed and games continued like normal.

A: Kevin Smarts : There is no cup for the volleyball, it has been referenced in the game for as long as I can remember and we have talked about adding more content for it, but we have other prjects to process first,

Q3-4: I also didn't see any events for birthdays or Christmas other than having a Christmas tree.

A: Kevin Smarts : As for Christmas we have left it vague as it is celebrated on the 7th Jan in Russian Orthodox currently.
Birthdays might be more embraced now we have a post office, which now means I'll have to add birthday cards.

Q3-5: A laptop is quiet expensive for a highschool girl, would you consider adding a cheaper one, or a starting mode with laptop on your home?

A: Kevin Smarts: You can use the laptop in the Shulgin apartment in alt start for free. In fact that was the only place you could unlock the webcam before I opened it up.

Q3-6: I find jobs on the komp only exist in original start, why?

A: Kevin Smarts: That was restricted because it was teleporting the PC to the city. I think it is unlikely to be something a young Sveta could do, but the way you can live in other locations it will need sorting. ;)

Q3-7: Are there events with high school math teacher, Anatoly E. Tsarev?

A: Lantera, illume: He has before-class and in-class events, but all teasing, no further events.
Default chance for in-class event is 100%. Anatoly's math class is on Tuesday and Thursday morning. You can adjust chance in setting-cheatmenu-Recurrent-Only allow Class event with (Anatoly E.)
After 5.1, If you go school in time (before 9am), now there are chance to meet your teacher Anatoly Evgenievich in corridor. More actions unlock with relationship on 10, 20, and your charm > 120.

Q3-8: Are there incest events?

A: StepFather: You can seduce your stepfather at home when your mother away from home. You can also do some dirty jobs in the garage. After 5.1, (from russian 1.2.4), you can allow him peek at your shower and trigger events if (1) mother is not home (2) after 17:00 (3) your already had sex or he had peek more than 5 times

<B>Brother</B>: (1) keep watching porn after soccer (2) allow him to peek your shower  (ideally with high arousal so you can give the full show) (3) help him with homework, and allow him to molest you while tutoring. After that, he may ask you to show him what a female body looks like for anatomy painting.  
<B>Sister</B>: You can have sex talk with your sister. It seems that you can have threesome with her and her bf.    
        that starts with instead of respecting her, watch her and her bf to start.    
        Continue to watch her until you can masturbate to the scene, requires high arousal to spy.    
        Then visit her after midnight in bed, make her bi sexual     
        Continue that and then you get the party scene, do that to start rex storyline    
<B>Mother</B>: Their are no mother/svetlana scene's and never would. Community version is story based, and mother is one that would never have sex with her own daughter.    
<B>Real Father</B>: Find him first. Ask family for his name ->  Lorry, ask about Mikhail Kuznetsov  -> Northern region, storage terminal -> Events with father    
                    The only event chain there is with him is finding out where he works, and slowly getting to know him. The event chain ends with Sveta driving around with his father and having sex with him. It has been made repeatable, but no further events (and birthfather is really not fleshed out properly, for example he may have an another family with children or whatever).  

More detailed:
Stepfather: Degeneracy: The stepdad has to occur when mother is not in the house, very random at 1600. Last time I'm not sure the options but one was give in to his demands, and unsure if there was a leave. Might of been.
Potatodude : Mom is not always at home when Stepdad is watching TV. You will be able to catch him at home watching TV at 16:00-17:00 during some weekdays. You should have the option to "Seduce him" or he will ask you to help him with his "Problem".
Real Father: Lantera: You need someone to give you his real name, (your stepfather or your mom or your sister) will tell you his name is Mikhail Kuznetsov, as well as the fact that he's a long distance trucker.
Then you need to think of where truckers in your region would gather. Spoiler alert: it's at the truck stop near Pavlovsk, and the terminal in the city. Ask near Pavlovsk, and a trucker there will tell you he vaguely knows a guy by that name, and to check at the terminal in the city on Saturdays, between 12:00 and 14:00. That's his weekly schedule, and he's pretty much always there during those times. Go find him there. You can refuse his excuse and beat him, or accept and dating with him.

Sister: see next one, Q3-9.

Q3-8-2: Do i have to do the school thing with the brother do blowjobs or can i get it after brother keeps watch sveth in bath and doing homework ?

A: Kevin Smarts: The watching and shower sex can bypass the bjs watching porn stage.

Q3-9: How can I get to the Rex Party with sister?

A: Lantera: 1) Find out she's dating Roma by talking to her
2) Talk to her, and she'll ask you to NOT enter your room between 18:00 and 19:00 so her and Roma can fool around. If you're horny, go spy on them by the door
3) After a few times, you can fondle your sister's body while she's asleep. You get a bit of lesbian action with her after this
4) After a few times, she'll invite you to join her and Roma for a threesome.
Malen: The party only comes up after you had all of the threesome scenes with your sister and her boyfriend, then chat with Anja about Roma. She should say (it has a chance) at one time that she invites you to one of her
EKay : After the stuff with Anya at night, keep talking about Roma, after she ask you to stay out at 18:00, keep asking about Roma more and she will ask you to join them. Onc you have done this a few times, then she invites you to the party.
patryk1244: I think the confusing part is that once you are sufficiently progressed, you have to keep asking her about Roma at that point even after Anya told you to stay out, for the threesome offer to trigger.

Q3-9-2: I can't seem to get the Rex Party with the sister. I got an event that said she isn't a lesbian and nothing since then.

A: golgo13: Keep talking to sister in bed room after she says she wants you to go for walk while her boyfriend comes over and she will eventually ask you to join them for a threesome. Join them a few times and she will eventually invite you to Rex's birthday party. After that he has parties usually on Saturday, so make sure you to talk with sister on Fridays for an invite. To play the Rex quest I believe you can't sleep with him at the first party, so pick someone else. Hope that makes sense and helps.
Ekay: There should be a sequence where you get the option to continue watching or fondle yourself, just keep watching. Once that has happened, you need to click on Anya in your room when she is sleeping (after 0:00) and when you are aroused. Eventually you will get to a point where she tells yo it has to stop. The next day or the next time you chat with her (the Talk about Roma should be gone) she invites you to a birthday party for Rex. If you want to have the Rex events play out, be sure to NOT congratulate Rex personally. After that you should get an invite to weekly parties at Rex's. The parties are on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and the invites happen the night before. If you miss a party or otherwise cannot go, it will default to the same day the following week, simply show up at the community centre before 18:00

Q3-9-3: Is there a way to pick things up after Anya dumps Roma? She said she is not a lesbian and refuse me.

A: NO, That's all for now.
Malen: I believe there will be... I plan on it, but there is a lof on my plate too

Q3-9-4: I finished the events with Anya and Roma then she invited me to the party and I said no. Can I re-entry this?

A: In current version (0.5.2): NO. It's his birthday party.
Lantera: she's not inviting you to the party again. As it is, the game will assume you're not interested and not offer the option again. Choose wisely.
nutluck have some idea's about expanding & tweaked the party some when I rewrote it. But NOT NOW.
Actually they have a open relationship after that, Anya mentions it at one point. You can have sex with Roma at the parties starting with the 3rd one, it can be him, Rex or one of the unnamed guys. It is a random chance on who, which I think should be changed in future version.

Q3-9-5: Anya asks to be left together with her bf to have some fun in her room, and that's.. all? Nothing else after that?

A: nutluck:
When she asks you to leave for the evening wait and come back a few mins afterwards. I believe it is 18:00 so try and show up around 18:05 and go to your room, you can peek in on them. After doing that a few times you will get the option to watch them and masturbate. after you do that, you can approach Anya after 00:00 and touch her sleeping body and eventually after several such tries have a lesbian fling with her. Do that enough and she tells you she is not a lesbian. Keep talking to her about Roma in the evenings, after you have done the lesbian bit, not sure if you have to how far along it has to progress first. But anyways after awhile she will as you to get lose the next day cause Roma is stopping by, keep chatting to her and eventually one of those times she will say her and Roma talked about it and want you to join them.

Next do that several times and eventually you will get a invite their friend Rex's birthday party, which will unlock the Rex weekly party.

Right now that is all there is, but I know someone is expanding the Anya lesbian stuff and may or may not expand on the Anya/Roma 3some as well in the somewhat near future.

Q3-9-6: Can Ihave a step-by-step guide for sister Anya's quest?

A: MadPrince: Whole Sister chain (also for future people) :

  1. Talk to her at home and meet her boyfriend by drinking at the community center twice
  2. Talk at home about Roma 'till she asks if he can come over
  3. Spy on her the next day between 18 and 19 o'clock (need to be aroused).
  4. Repeat 2 and 3 'till 5 applies.
  5. If aroused, interact with her while she's sleeping. You should have the option to touch her.
  6. Continue doing 5 until the last event, where she kisses the player then mentions she told Roma.
  7. Talk about Roma 'till she asks if he can come over. Keep talking about Roma 'till she asks if the player wants to join.
  8. Go to your room between 18 and 19 o'clock.
  9. Repeat 7 and 8 'till the party*
  10. After the party, talking normally to your sister normally (chat option) can lead to her inviting you to a party the day after. You only need to ask once, is she doesn't ask on the first try it's because there are no party the day after. Parties happen once a week (at least, they did in ETO), and happen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (you'll be invited on the day prior to the party, so invites are on Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

*to start the party event, keep proceeding with the threesome events. Eventually, upon talking about Roma, instead of the usual "can he come over", you'll get something along the lines of "it's one of my friend's birthday, he wants to know if you wanna come"

At least, that's how it used to work in ETO. As far as I know, it's still working the same.

Q3-9-7: Anya always says she's no lesbian. what i need to do to get the threesome?

A: Violet Kitten: You have to chat with her about Roma and after she asks you to take a walk continue to ask her about Roma and she will ask you to join them.

A: Violet Kitten: You have to chat with her about Roma and after she asks you to take a walk continue to ask her about Roma and she will ask you to join them.
Kevin Smarts You also have to turn up when they are at it and peek in at them a few times.

Q3-10: Could i have Stepfather full quest info?

A: Carrera: For the step father events,

First you have to tease him and let him feel you up at home. Then catch him after 6pm and before 7pm when mother isn't home and seduce him.

Then go to the garage while horny and you can then seduce him there.

Other than that there's not much to do in the garage other than chat, tease occasionally, and help out.

If dear ol' step dad knocks you up after about a month or so if you let him see you naked hell eventually comment about sveta being pregnant and ask if it's his. I'm a few game versions behind but that's all that happens.

Q3-10-2: To tease stepfather, I can (1) show him my clothes and (2) let the door open while showering, any other options?

A: Lantera: While at home, no. You can flirt with him in the garage though, while he's there. You can seduce him there, and also offer to 'help' him in the garage. I believe you need to be very horny for these options, or they won't appear.

Q3-10-3: How wound stepfather have reaction while I showing him my clothes?

A: Lantera: You need one of two things here for him to consider touching you at all:
(1) you need him to like you enough (at least 40) or
(2) you need to be attractive enough (at least 60).
Without one of these, your avances will not work at all. If you do have one of these, the more he likes you, the more comfortable he is around you and the more likely he is to cop a feel. Still, it won't get better than a 50/50 shot. You need a friendship level of at least 80 for this.

Q3-10-4: Why I can't actually seduce stepfather?

A: Lantera: You can seduce him between 16:00 and 17:00, but only if your mother isn't home (It's randomly). To see if you can or not, you can check the kitchen... if your mother is home, she'll be in the kitchen. If not, it's go time! In that case, your mother is 'working overtime' and you and your stepfather have the house to yourselves. He won't risk going further than a bit of touching when your mother is home, it's just too risky.

Q3-11: What's the volleyball coach(Mikhail Nikolaevich) storyline?

A: Rares, doodab: My character has given her virginity to the coach, and they often screw after practice (though sometimes the option to take him vaginally at all disappears, not sure why. Maybe I wasn't paying attention and it's tied to the arousal bar?), they also occasionally go into the bathroom and f*** in the disco, though I know there's another event on the way home that can happen there, just no idea how to trigger it. However, at one point, Coach mentioned something about the Fitness Center in the city. You need to visit the fitness center on a sunday between 10 and 12 in the morning. Then go find the special wine (rice wine) in the market.
Kevin Smarts: The market in Pavlovsk can be great source of rare and exotic goods, some of them Eastern in origin. Things like rice wine, for example.
Firstly the rice wine is for the other athelete the coach mentions, you'll find him at the gym in the city (the coach does tell you). As for being stuck, you may well need to raise the coaches friendship or lust, playing volleyball without panties will do a bit of both, but it is also worth talking to the coach and you can find him on Fridays at the disco, some events are tied to that location.

Q3-11-2: How can I meet Ivan and his shower events in community center?

A: Kevin Smarts: Friendship of 80+ and between 17:00 and 18:00, and you should get a link when you see him with a large bag.
The first time he is training you can watch a fight between him and Vitek, which unlocks the shower event, you have to choose 'Uh, what?' then 'Wash together' to start the following shower scenes, otherwise you have to talk to him about it to get the option to have him join you in the shower.

If you got the first shower scene it looks like it doesn't set:

IvanShowerYes = 1

use setting - cheat menu - dynamic input and your showers should get more intense.

Q3-11-3: After ivan enter shower event. How do you get the coach? since the event seems to be a one time thing with ivan

A: Balder: actually it's not.
Speak with him, Ivan, in school. He'll babble something about beeing friends. Next day talk again, until he invites you again. Until then the showerevent repeats some time until the coach joins 2 or 3 times.

Q3-11-4: How can I find rice wine for coach events?

A: illume: Go search on market. 10% chance to meet the Chinese vender, huangjiu.
You can direct pay 2000 rubles, or refuse and play the alternative line.

Q3-11-5:Where i can find Huangjiu, from Mikhail quest?

A: Kevin Smarts: The Chinese trainer who works at the gym in the city will need it. I'd try the gym in the city if I were you
Lantera: Huangjiu is the rice wine, sometimes there's a stall at the Pavlovsk market that sells some. But yea, you'd need to find the trainer first.

Q3-11-6: I got the rice wine, what's next?

A: tce: after you talked to the chinese coach, you should talk to the volley coach to unlock the scenes with volley coach.

Q3-11-7: How do I progress with the volleyball coach? My character gives the coach head at the moment. I've read something about a coach in the city fitness centre. Is ths refering to Igor Y who is the coach for races in the city? The FAQ also mentions something about rice wine but I don't think I've reached that point.

A: Kevin Smarts: If the coach has mentioned the other coach in the city, go to the gym there and you should see an option to speak to an Asian coach, he'll not want to talk and that triggers the rice wine fetch quest in the market back in Pav, bring the rice wine to the Asian coach and you're back on track.
hermangrng: If he is still only giving the coach head, he still has to progress through giving him head a few more times (like 15 times or something I don't have the code at hand currently) before he can progress to more sex with him. Getting to the rice wine also requires progressing through showers with Ivan if I remember correctly.
IMHO, this is one of those elements that could do with less repetition. Same with artem and probably some other day/week limited content in the game.

Q3-12: Could i have Katja(Katya) full quest info ?

A: mundungo1: You start her questline by going to the community center disco, getting drunk and dancing alone till she takes you home (may need to have a great relationship with her), next day at school you thank her, then you can do homework at her house, after some days she will ask if you have kissed a boy, if you answer her yes she asks you to teach her, if you answer no she asks to try it, after that you can go to her house after 16:45 (17, but takes 15 mins to get there).

After that you chat with her and randomly she will kiss you and after some kisses she will touch your boobs, she will start licking then if you let her.
Then if you go to her house sweating she will tell you to take a bath, and then she asks if she can join you, if you've not shaved she does that for you, if you're shaved she touches your vag, then you can touch her too and you have sex on the bath.

When you go to her house she will start asking about how you masturbate,if you had sex, anal sex, and blowjobs, and when she touches your boobs after kissing you can let her lick you or you can lick her first. When you buy a strap-on you can dress and f*** all her holes.
As you have a relationship with her if you go without panties to school and the disco and talk to her she may notice and ask you to show her and slowly starts going to those places without panties too, she will also ask you to go to the park there both of you can meet guys and if her "slut meter" is high enough when you meet then you can have beer with then and go have sex together.
golgo13: From my play throughs it took a lot of grinding to get her stats high enough to progress her events. I got the most increases to her stats from visiting her at home. I just kept going with her everyday after school, visit her at her house as much as possible (on weekends you can keep visiting her from 9:00 - 20:00), kept taking showers, kept talking to her at the disco and school until it progressed. Given your current stats with her I am afraid you have a ways to go. Her Slut rating hasn't even moved yet and I believe it needs to be higher than her Dom before somethings will trigger.

Q3-12-2: About the Katja events in dance and gym: start from kissing event > glare at moron > keep silent > thank ivan > then it goes to a afternoon classes event with katja ?

A: Lantera: The dance and gym are both at the Pavlovsk community center, so yea... I would say they're near one another ;). Might even be the same building technically, but different areas of it. What's the 'official' name for the area where the dance is held anyway... disco? club? nutluck: For Katja there is only one scene with her and Ivan in a 3some, it is after you progress her story far enough that you start kissing in public at school, in one such case Ivan follows and watches, you can encourage him or discourage him to join in. After the bell to go to class rings, if you encouraged him. He will ask if you guys can all meet after school, if you agree it starts a mini story with the 3 of your having a after school 3some.
After you say I'm bored it should start a scene where he takes you to another part of the school, if that is not working blame Kevin. :P

Q3-12-3: Is Katja a lesbian? Are there threesome events between Katja and you?

A: Lantera: There is a scene where you and Katja
go slutting in the park together anyway (potentially being picked up and being taken to a house, where you each have one or two (or more, I can't remember?) boys and have some fun, meeting up again afterwards.
She also asks you about blowjobs, sex and anal, showing interest in sex with guys... so I dare say that Katja is definitely not a strict lesbian, she's bisexual. Players who don't want Katja to engage with the other guy (in your scenario) can just opt out of that scenario by not encouraging him, so they won't have a BGG scene. If they still get a BGG scene, maybe they should reconsider inviting a guy in next time.
If anything, make sure that your intent is clear from the 'act's you offer. As long as people know you're encouraging the guy with the intent of him joining (instead of just teasing him with something he can't have), you're in the clear. To mitigate things further, you could have him join in, but only have sex with you.

Q3-12-4: Are there scene with ivan/katja and sveta ?

A: Kevin Smarts: (After 5.2) It's a bonus scene after Ivan see the two of you kissing, plus pictures for the kissing in the park event chain to go with the translations for both. I'll have them sorted and posted in the near future.

Q3-12-5: How can I get pass Katja just kissing and sucking nipple before she pulls away?

A: Kevin Smart: As you probably remember she likes Sveta to be clean, so go there sweaty and she'll have you in the shower, sometimes she'll join you and that pushes her horniness up. That should help alot.
Degeneracy: Unless it's changed, she has a dom/sub trait that when one is higher(don't know ratio) she will choose what to do, if your full dom and don't let her take control such things as, "tell me about sex" options and when you go to kiss her, don't let her take control. Very random and yea you will want to go to her house sweaty. Random chance for scenes to trigger to the next. Become a slut in pav via reputation and get different options with her while in the park through walks.
golgo13: "take a walk in the park" then meeting guys in the park with Katja, that will trigger regardless of Sveta's reputation. I have triggered it with both a great rep and the town whore rep. It appears to be a random event. To have the option to ask here to go to the park when you visit her I believe you need to have a decent dominant attribute score. Never tested to see exactly how high is needed though. If you are submissive the option only seems to occur when Katja suggests you take a walk in the park, which from my play throughs was after school when I went and did homework with her.

Q3-12-6: how do I trigger the dildo scene at school with Katja? I have all of the dildos, strap, etc, but still only get the licking part.

A: Kevin Smarts: you need to be more dominant then her to trigger it.
Violet Kitten: Try kissing Katja at the disco and at school for the threesome with Ivan
Keep chatting with Katja at her apartment and she will ask you many sex oriented questions but know that the questions are randomly generated and you will also get the chance to kiss her. Each question you answer progresses you in her lovequest and kissing her unlocks kissing in public.
Kevin Smarts Use the tryed and tested way to a clean freaks heart, turn up at her house sweaty (if using cheat, turn it off) she'll wrinkle her nose and insist on you showering with a chance of her joining you, this can lead to much more but its a slow burner so just keep repeating until she finally feels like it.

Q3-12-7: Q Katja asks me if i had girl on girl action, Why I always refuse to talk about that topic?

A: Violet Kitten: you need to have been with a girl before or you won't have anything to talk about. :P

Q3-12-8: What makes Katja want to dance with me at the club? She shows up everywhere at school and the club without panties, she'll kiss me in public at the club (to which I alternate kissing everyone or letting Ivor punch the moron that points at us), we've had the threesome with Ivor, I never wear panties anymore, and it looks like I have to drink some before I get the option but I never seem to get "Dance with Karja" regularly only "Dance with a guy"

A: Dracilla: random chance 1,7, and your horniness over 80 (or alcohol over 1) and katja's over 60.
if rand(0,7)=1 and katja_disco_end=1 and (alko > 1 or horny => 80) and KatjaHorny > 60:

Q3-12-9: How do I progress the Katja path? I just had the first event with her in the park and now she flashes her panties at the party, but I don't know how to progress from here.

A:twistyelf: It's a grind to progress with her. Do homework with her after school, that may turn into kissing and making out. If that stalls out, show up to her place sweaty and she'll insist on you showering. Sometimes she'll join in the shower and things will progress from that. Eventually, she'll take you to the park to walk where you might pick up guys for fun times. Then she'll weird out and refuse to ever pick up guys from the park ever again, usually after the Christmas party.
It's simply a grind.

Q3-13: I would like to ask the way to unlock Lariska's quest. The code seems quite complicated for me.

A: pellizza: First you must win the school race 6 times (Saturday 10am, PE teacher will inform you there is a race; the last three times must defeat Christine). Note that if you already ran as semi-professional at the fitness center, school race is precluded to you.

Then you have to bust Christine in intimacy with the school coach trying to plot against you. Burst into them. On the next day spread rumors about them during break. She'll attack you at the end of the lessons.

At the scool exit, Christine will fight you. If you're trained in kickboxing you'll probably kick her butt and she'll join Sonja and Lesco in the friendless guys group. Otherwise you'll probably lose and really hard times begin for you. Storyline ended here. Lariska storyline closed forever).

One week later, after you beat Christine at school, she'll try to unleash her steroid pusher friends against you when you get out the Community Center. Lariska will inform you about what's going on one day before. You must choose one to ask for help (from Vitek, or Albina, or Ivan depending on how ... er ... "deep" is your relationship - I personally prefer Vitek but that's me) and here's where the quest begins. Lina is part of the conspiracy. If you fall in it you'll get raped repeatedly unless you called help before.

If you succeed in avoiding the conspiracy, Lariska's home will appear on the map. And there's some content too.

Q3-13-1: I need to learn kickboxing to defeat Christine? But where?

A: nutluck: currently it is only in the community center in the city. Though when ever I manage to get the Ivan story going, I plan on having him teach Sveta boxing to a point.
Kevin Smarts: if playing cursed school girl you should have a good chance with some magic. :D
The real trick is to get some of your attributes up, like speed and reactions which give you much higher inititive and that's the bigest advantage. Of course the combat system is being revamped so ignore this in 0.6.0

Q3-13-2: Is there any more content for Christina after this?

A: pellizza: None for now. and her relationship with Sveta will fall to 'bad attitude' and never rise thereafter

Q3-13-3: I won cristina fight and lariska notify for after the gym events .. i wasn't get raped and i have unlock lariskas house , but after that i only see the "drink water" even that i found the bdsm room. ... what i must do to proceed with the events over there ?

A: Kevin Smarts : Lariska's home has the BDSM room, but there are no follow up events there.
It is something i want to add to, but I haven't worked out exactly how to link it to the BDSM club, one idea is to make Lariska's mum mistress Elektra who runs the reception and trains new members for the club.

Q3-13-4: Cristina only event when you loose the fight is school after sport that raper you ? is there anymore content on that ?

A: Kevin Smarts : If you lose the fight, you do get Christina events in the changing room that are all about humiliating Sveta, there's a few of them and plans to link them to another event.

Q3-13-5: I ratted Christina out to the rest of the school, I've still been giving blowjobs to the coach with her after every gym class. If I try to talk to her, it even gives the same thing about her complimenting how I look with his dick in my throat. Based on what you said, I take it that's not supposed to happen?

A: Lantera : Nope, that's not supposed to happen.
Her saying that is for the scene when you decide to join her... but you're not supposed to also get a chance to rat her out, then. After all: why would you, if you're joining her in doing the exact same thing?
If it's because your own reputation was down the drain anyway... why would anyone believe you, the biggest slut the school has ever seen?
Kevin Smarts : To reset that, input these in cheat menu

fizrukSex = 0  
kristinaSex = 0  
zverevaQW = 1  
zverSlutQW = 0  
lariskaQwestStart = 0  
zverRageQW = 0  

Q3-14: Any Spoiler with the Artem-Storyline?

A: Kevin Smarts: If you get to know him and go to his house to for help with homework, he should eventually he should start trying to romance Sveta in a clumsy geeky way, as long as your rep is good. If you are known to be a slut, he'll take advantage.
tce: If you make out with Dimka, there are further story, and you can ask Artem for help.
Violet Kitten: You need to study with Artem 15 times and have a reputation of less than 2 for the flower scene to trigger and that leads to the movie scene.

This movie scene is artemhome - line - 155

Q3-14-2: I was trying out a "good girl" playthrough for once and decided that Artem, while cute, was moving things too fast and didn't allow him past kissing. Now my girl has changed mind, but all the options available are either doing homework or chatting...

A: MadPrince: if you tell Artem to stop, it'll have to effect of making artQW = 2. If you let him continue, it'll instead do artQW = 3. As such, we can deduce that artQW = 2 is the state where you are now, and is basically a dead end. Now you got two options : you can either force yourself to artQW = 3, which will make it as if you accepted his advances and will have the options tied to that now available, or you can reset it back to artQW = 1 and go through the flowers event again.
Now since there are more than one dead end to that quest and I'm not sure at which one you told him to stop, I'll just reset it to the flower event. Search for "brush your teeth", you'll get a tab named din_van (you should see "act 'Brush your teeth (0:05)':". After "cumspclnt = 2", add artQW = 1, then save. Now the next time you bursh your teeth, the event will be resetted to before he gave you flowers, so you can just pick different options again. Luckily you haven't had sex with him yet, so this should be enough. Make sure to delete that line once that's done, otherwise you'll reset your reset that event every time you brush your teeth.

Q3-14-3: I started dating Artem and eventually decided that I wanted to do the blackmail story so I went the Dimka route. I started getting his blackmail but I can't ask Artem to steal the tape.

A: Kevin Smarts: You must be a non-virgin (vagina > 0) to trigger this. Do you use the cheat menu?

Q3-15: How do I start Albina 's Quest?

A: golgo13: Take dance lessons at the Community Center. Once you are good enough you can join her dance team and it will play out from there.

Q3-15-2: what do i need to be able to go home with Albina?

A: Kevin Smarts: Albina will only get close if you learn dance and join her starlets. The Vitek as boyfriend is hard to find, I don't know that one.

Q3-16-1: Vasily Shulga tells me if I ever want to do a cam show together. How can I do that?

A: In short: NO for now.
Kevin Smarts: Vasily used to unlock a webshow, but it was usurped by the the camsite (mfc), the dialogue still refers to the old options and not the camsite unlock.

Q3-16-2: When you asked to get lick from Uncle Shulga, the conversation that will sometimes appear mentions how he got so good at it. Does he ever tell you how he got so good and who he practices on?

A: hornguy6: He doesn't tell you because it's your mom. You can occasionally hear "suspicious noises" when you're in the hallway of his apartment and if you investigate it's him f***ing your mom.

Q3-17: How can I spot Mom with Sergey?

A: Lantera: Mom with Sergey shouldn't be too hard to find, though the random function only has a small chance of success. To trigger it, the best thing you can do is enter and leave the hallway of Sergey's house repeatedly, dipping in and out of the bathroom, for example. However, I examined the code and this doesn't seem to be directly influencing this encounter. Try typing this in dynamic input:

gt 'motherQW', 'olu'  

Kevin Smarts: The 'garden' was not working as intended it should be better now. The only thing counting in the purchase was condoms and it wasn't forcing you to talk to Luda each time.

Q3-18: When can I start to date Vitek?

A: Kevin Smarts: You can't go out with him before the Sonia becoming a slut event, after about 5 visits to the dance you should get the 'View Sonya' option which will trigger it, then you should be clear to date Vitek.

Q3-18-1: what do i have to do to get Vitek as a boyfriend?

A: Lantera: when he likes you and you have some beers with him at the community center dance. After a while he'll dance with you, and afterwards speak the legendary phrase:
"Hears <<$name>>, let''s muddy, you will be my type of chick. Anyone I unscrewed for you Bosko"

Q3-18-2: So how does one break-up with Vitek? :)

A: Kevin Smarts: You can get some help from one of the geeky kids, Artem.

Q3-19: what is the latest time you can attend high school?

A: illume:
7:00~7:59 May meet Anatoly E in corridor.
8:00~8:59 Normal
9:00~9:59 You are late. one-line scold, no further events

Q3-20: Can you have any interactions with "Uncle Misha" other than talking on the stairs

A: Malen: After he seen you with sperm in your face/hair he approaches you in the cafe, after your mother left it of course. After that you have a go

Q3-20-2: Does uncle Mischa events related to bad rep?

A: Degeneracy: As for Mischa, not sure if it required bad rep, but you can randomly get offered money for a bj in the hallway. When you watch your mom at 1600 at the diner, it activates the random encounter from Mischa at the diner. If you go to his place, his apt is opened up in a way
Mill: Theres also the bit where if you're eating at the cafe, theres a chance he'll pop up and say your step-dad left some tools at his place and asks ya to come pick them up and offers you "icecream" for the help. Dunno what sparks that one, but from the times i got it, mom wasn't working there at the time. maybe attractiveness affects the likelyhood.

Q3-20-3: How can I get the misha and father sex scenes?

A: Kevin Smarts: You have to flirt with dad quite a bit first, and then get him when mom is late home in the living room. You can also get him to watch you in the shower in the latest test versions, which speeds things up. ;)
Misha won't talk to you while your mom is still about, wait until 17:00 at the earliest and then its a 1 in 5 chance he'll sit with you.
golgo13: Once you have seduced the stepfather and Misha as above (you can also seduce the stepfather at his garage once your relationship is high enough with him), to get the joint scene with them at the garage Misha needs to have seen you walking around town with cum on your face and/or clothes. It will randomly trigger just from walking around town in that state. Then at the garage (20:00~20:59) he may decide to tell your stepfather and they "punish" you. With that said, I have never triggered it when I had a good reputation, but as the town whore it would trigger every time.
doodab: You need to have a bad reputation( >=3 ) and have followed Misha home from the cafe. The event differs slightly with where you are with the stepfather, but apparently all you need is fair relations there. After you've had the threesome once you no longer need the bad reputation for a repeat.
Degeneracy: Did you already become a known whore of pav?
Unsure but you may have to unlock misha scene's first. For that
Watch your mother at 1600 in the diner in the train station, at some point after Misha will sit down with you and eat, "enjoy his company".
For uncle Mish: Once he's seen you with cum on your face (I don't think there are any other prereqs), eat in the restaurant where your mom works (I believe after 16:00). There is a random chance that you will meet Misha there. He'll ask you to come back to his house, so you can help him carry some tools your stepfather forgot back to his garage.
For your stepfather: He goes to the garage at 18:00 (16:00 on weekends) and stays there until 21:00. There's a random function every day that decides whether he goes or not. If he is not at home after 18:00 one evening, he'll be in his garage until 21:00. After 21:00 he'll go home, and go to bed.

Q3-21: Who is Natasha? How can I start her storyline?

A: Degeneracy: She is your classmate in highschool girl storyline, belong to Smart kid group. She live on 4th floor next to aunt's house. At high Dom level you can persuade her to get it on with your brother, if your brother scene's are unlocked.
illume: Talk to her at school to advance your relationship.
If you are dom (dom > 0), and relationship > 80, choose Could you help me out a bit in school? on school dialog.
After that, you can find her in the schoolyard after school. Go home with her to unlock her apartment.
When you are at her home, (1) you have 2000/5000 rubles. (2) She is in sub, then she will accidently ask to borrow some money.
After due day, you can choose some "act" to remit her debt.
You need some dominance to force her to repay in more creative manner.

Q3-21-2: Is it possible for your brother to cum inside Natasha?

Kevin Smart: you need to have had sex with Kolka, have a good rep with him and time it so that he's at home.
If her sub and your dom are high enough you can make her take a load from Kolka, and even if not he can do so in error. She can get pregant from it too.
Dracilla: Let her pull away (save /reload as needed if you really want) at one point she wont get away in time and from there you can tell him to finish inside her on purpose.

Q3-22: Is there any content with Petka/Peter, the student at school?

A: Lantera: There is some, but you can only reach it through Artem.
Peter is eventually involved in Artem's homework sessions with you, under certain circumstances.
Ask Artem for help with your schoolwork. If your reputation is at least a little bit slutty (2 or more, known to have given blowjobs), Artem will demand that you do something for him in return.
He'll be expecting you to give him a blowjob after every homework session, which after a while will escalate into him wanting even more from you. If you keep agreeing to what he wants, you'll be giving him anatomy lessons by getting naked before him and letting him study your body, before/during the blowjob. At one point he'll admit that he told Peter about your sessions with him, and he'll ask you if it's okay Peter joins the next one.

Q3-23: What's the blackmail quest about Dimka/Dima, Artem and Petka/Peter?

A: Degeneracy, nutluck, illume
First, you must let Dimka video you.
(1) Go to the new years eve party, get drunk, and Dimka may have sex with you.
(2) go home with Dimka after school and let he videos you.
Then breakup with Dimka, he will threaten to blackmail you with that video.
If your bf is Artem you, can ask him to hack the computer to get the video.
you can either tell him the truth or lie. Lying results in a different scenario where Peter get's involved in things.

Q3-24: Is there a scene with Aunt Luda?

A: pellizza: Yes.
Lose your virginity, let your mother discover it and try to reconcile with her (may take some time). She will tell you about a "password" ("garden") that allows you to buy condoms in Aunt Luda's pharmacy. Buy LOTS of them, for several times, and a storyline starts.
nutluck: Get caught by your mom so she knows Sveta is a slut, then reconcile with her. Then she will tell Sveta if she is going to sleep around she should use protection and will tell Sveta to go see her aunt at the pharmacy and ask about gardening, which lets Sveta buy condoms. Buy enough of those and eventually Luda will ask Sveta if she will do her a favor. Which is go to her apartment.
Kevin Smarts: With the buying stuff from aunt, you have to go back on another day and buy a couple more. It take quite a bit of this before it progresses

Violet Kitten: You don't have to buy them all at once. Everytime you buy condoms from your aunt you get points toward her event but you can only buy 2 condoms per day so just keep visiting her and buying condoms and you will eventually get the scene where she asks you for help. Pregnancy tests also count toward the event.

Q3-25: I'm forced to suck Vitek's dick everyday in school break / Everyone in school refuse to talk to me.

A:It's due to your reputation goes too low. You can (1) use cheat menu or (2) Degeneracy: You can with high dom, go dancing at club, dance and don't initiate sex scenes until you get an option of 'Swear at him'. This lowers your rep, more rare as your rep gets better.

Q3-26: Mom refuse to talk to me after I acted slutty/ she saw sperm on me / I'm not virgin, What can I do? / How can I blackmail my mother?

A: nutluck: Go to the cafe at the train station in Pav where you mom works around 1600 if memory serves and when you see it is closed one time, go around the back and you can watch your mom with the owner, then it opens up further stuff with her like what you are looking for.
If she catches you with sperm on you, you can confront her about stuff which opens up buying condoms and stuff at the pharmacy. Other than that catching your mom at Sergi is just random, I would say in all honesty it happens maybe 1 in 10 times I check at the possible times it can happen.

Q3-27: Why can't I buy condoms at the pharmacy in town?

A: nutluck: Your anut runs the pharmacy in town, Its unlocked from your mother.
Have your mom find out you are no longer a virgin. To unlock 'garden'.
Your mother has to find out your not a virgin, then reconcile with here till you can tell her off a bit and then she will send you to the pharmacy to ask about "gardening" which lets you buy condoms, lube etc. Also it can lead to a quest with your Aunt as well who works at the Pharmacy.
Degeneracy: By the way, catch her cheating to increase relationship with her.

Q3-28: Why Dima refuse to dance with me?

A: Kevin Smarts: Dima like skirts, any outfit with a skirt or dress will do,
he doesn't want the mates thinking he's dancing with a guy now does he?

Q3-28-2: what do i need to be able to go home with Dima?

A: Kevin Smarts: Dimka requires you to dance with him at the community center dance,

Q3-28-3: How do you break up with Dimka? / How do you date Artem? Does he shows up anywhere in the town after school?

A: Violet Kitten: The easiest way to break up with Dimka is to ask Artem for help and in order to date Artem you need a dom rating higher than 0 then ask him "Could you help me out a bit in school?" during lunch at school.
nutluck: Artem: Talk to him at school during lunch, ask him to study with you. Go study with him, eventually he will start to make some moves. Let him make the moves or at least often enough and eventually you can start dating.

Q3-29: Can you hook up with Julia or Inna?

A: Lantera: Julia yes, Inna no.
To hook up with Julia, get to know her a little! Spend some time with her doing homework, and stick around after. Perhaps bring a bottle of wine from the supermarket, to loosen her tongue.

Q3-30: Any content with the new students or not yet, also how do you go to detention? I have chosen many times the detention and i red its on saturday but have no idea how to access it.

A: No for now. (0.5.2 DEV)
nutluck: Not currently no, but once I get back the detention file and boys bathroom cutting class file from proof reading then you can end up in detention and several of the new students will have scenes then. Eventaully I would like to have at least 1 scene for every student in the school but please keep in mind. Right now the school has part 1 finished, which was mostly get the new framework and structure done and enough content to make sure it works. Part 2 is almost done and will be added this coming week sometime. It is all written but waiting on proofs to come back then I can hand them off to Kevin for code.

With that said realize because the school revamp is such a major project I had to break it up into 5 parts and part 2 is not even finished yet.

Is there any way to "speed up" pregnancy with the cheat menu ?

Q3-31: In which story arc are the scenes with police trying to get a confession out of Sveta?

A: Lantera: (1) The city Gopniks can also lead to a police encounter. You can encounter it if you interact with the Gopniks in the alley behind the café often:
At one point they'll ask if you want to go to the park with them for some pickpocketing. They promise you're only meant to be a distraction, and that no one would think that you were part of their group if the shit hits the fan. Turns out they were wrong. The police can catch you at some point and will try to pressure you to confess and give up the names of the others you're helping.
(2) You can also have an encounter with police captain Katalkin in Pavlovsk:
You can sell trinkets and baubles at the station to the many tourists that visit Pavlovsk, but you need a permit. You don't have one. He'll want a word with you.
(3) There's also a short encounter with two officers in the park (I'm not sure if this is Pavlovsk or City or both):
It happens if you're drinking with the Gopniks in the park, and go pee in the bushes.
(4) In School girl storyline, play Albina's dance group I think that's all the law enforcement encounters we have, along with the Albina's Starlets fiasco. Unless you count the military as well, in that case there's more.

Q3-32: When is the graduation of highschool?

A: Kevin Smarts: 25th May on a Saturday (you can mess this up using the cheat menu) before 9am
You should get the 'Go to your graduation' action in the action box. It will only happen on a week day, it cannot happen at the weekend.

Q3-33: playing alternate start. is there any situation where you can call your mother on the phone or is she on you contact list for no reason?

A: Kevin Smarts: It was just kinda there and I thought it looked like you'd have that there so I left it, but it does nothing.

Q3-34: Is there any content for chess and sewing that you can join clubs for in the community center?

A: Kevin Smarts: Chess has no further content, but the sewing lets you do embroidery to sell and if very good you can fix wornout clothing.

Q3-35: What does the vocational school in Pavlovsk do? Can I join it?

A: Kevin Smarts: You can't go to the vocational school as a pupil, it is only there for the teaching job.
For the teaching job at the vocational shool, you need a diploma, this is earned at the university, but you might me able to fake it. ;)

Q3-36: what hurts you reputation in pavlosk beside cristina and dimka events and sucking guys off behind the club. my rep just went from decent to sucked a few cocks.

A: Kevin Smarts: There are a lot of things that can hurt your rep, mostly it'll be public acts or being seen with cum on you, but some of the npcs will talk about their exploits and if they were with you, then that'll be bad for rep. You can counter it by going to church (being seen lighting a candle and praying will have the towns-folk questioning the rumours).

Q3-37: How does Vika's story line goes?

A: illume: check the Importation from Russian 1.2.5

Q3-38: How does Igor's new story goes?

A: illume: check the Importation from Russian 1.2.5

Q3-39: Olu (aunts friend) told me about his nephew, but i can't find him. Is he implementet yet, and if yes, where?

A: Kevin Smarts: Olu's nephew (DeMarcus) is at the university. You can meet him at the cafe in the city park have sex with him in his university dorm.

A: nutluck: Olu tells you where you can find him but it is random when you go to those places if he is there. Once you meet him for the first time you can then just go straight to the uni dorm to see him.

Q3-40: Is there a way to move in at home after one has been thrown out by the mother for missing school?

A: Lantera: No. Once you're out, you're out. You'll have to find a new place to live.

A few short-term options:

  • The hotel, provided you have enough money
  • Uncle Sergey's house, if you're friendly enough with him he'll even let you sleep in his bed. If not, you can still use the couch.

Permanent lodging in Pavlovsk is going to be difficult, though... you can technically live in uncle Sergey's house permanently, but you won't have all options available to you (no wardrobe, for instance). Food options are also somewhat lacking. For a new permanent home you'll have to move to the city, either by getting your own house there (uncle Sergey has a computer you can use to set that up), or by making friends there who will let you stay with them.

illume: You can use the changing room in school, and sleeping in park bench during night (you will lost your pantie for that).
After 0.5.3, you can Live in Vika's home (guest room) if you advance her storyline to a certain stage.

Q3-41: Can I have a three-some with Sonja?

A: Lantera: Chatted with her many times, so you will have a option to take a bath together in Uncle Sergey's Apartment. then you can end up in a threesome with Sergey and Sonia.

Q3-42: At what times can you go in Vasily's and Sergei's apartment in the summer and when school is open(After summer)?

A: Lantera: Normally speaking:
Monday - Friday: from 02:00 to 15:59 no one will open the door (no one's home). Sergey will answer the door between 16:00 and 23:59. Vasily will answer the door between 00:00 and 01:59.
Saturday - Sunday: No one will answer the door between 02:00 and 09:59. Vasily will answer the door between 10:00 and 15:59. Sergey will answer the door between 16:00 and 23:59. Vasily will answer the door between 00:00 and 01:59.

Vasily will always let you in if he answers the door.
Sergey will let you in, if your friendship level with him is at least 30.

If your friendship level with Sergey is at least 70, he will give you a key and you can enter any time you like.

Q3-43: Is it possible to date Mefodiy? I didn't see him under the popular kids section in the relationship section of the cheat menu.

A: Kevin Smarts: (replied on 0.5.3) Mefodiy is one of the new school kids nutluck added in the first part of the new school updates, he should get some more content from me at some point but he will not be date-able. He will be a very useful friend though.

Q3-44: do any of the new popular kid characters have any content? Like Marcus?

A: nutluck: Marcus has some cutting class in the boys bathroom content, detention and lunch content. You can even after detention let him walk you home and give him your phone number which is the start to dating him. But that is as far as his story has gotten so far.

Q3-45: As I can seduce the priest in town church? or as i can activate the confesion events ?

A:Kevin Smarts: (Answered in 0.5.3) Unfortunately the priest content is just a teaser at the momment. There is a desire to add more but it will be a while before we have the time.

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Q4-1: How does Natalya's Mistress/Slave route in the city goes?

A: Lantera, mundungo1, Kevin Smart: When you go to her house, after the wine she asks you to call her mistress, if you agree you become her slave
if you have a good enough dominance (> 0 ), you have the option to object. Refuse every time, then she would admit you're a better mistress and becomes your slave.
It takes a few meetings until you can really turn the tables on her though. Slap her and take control is on the fourth meeting now, for the first three you have to be reluctant but not disrespectful.
If you choose to be a slave, there's 26 events after the training events, the type can change depending on your behaviour. If see likes you and/or you're good you'll get nicer events and vice versa.

Q4-1-2: In Slave route, I meet Masha and accept to go out on a date, but nothing happens?

A: Kevin Smart: The Masha events are not written yet, but plans have been made for continuation of them

Q4-1-3: What must happen to unlock further stuff with Masha? She is sometimes by the Mistress, but the Mistress tells her it is to early to lend the PC.

A: Lantera: Masha is actually a different person within that quest line, she's a friend of Natalya (Mistress). There is no further content for Masha at this point in time. In the long run I plan on adding some content where Masha gets you on loan for a day, because Natalya is nice like that... but that'll be a while (think months, rather than weeks).
(WIP) I picked the name Masha without realizing there already was a Masha in the game. I'm probably going to have to change her name entirely, so they're easier to keep apart. Two Mashas in story lines that are both BDSM-related is too confusing.
Anyway, my Masha is just a good friend of Natalya, who has no experience and little interest in the little BDSM subculture her friend is in (until she sees you - then... she becomes curious). Most of your dates with her (as far as I have planned) will be her pampering you, and fairly mild in nature. She doesn't know how far she can go with a slave girl, and thus stays very far on the safe side of the border. She wouldn't want to upset her friend by accidentally injuring you, or doing things that are not considered okay (which she has little knowledge of to begin with). Being loaned to her will be like a vacation, of sorts :P. She does have a boyfriend, though.

  • Peter (the city center sex shop owner) will also play a part in this quest line. He's a rather tough dom, and knows how to push a girl to her limits. I'm planning to give him a role on both sides of the story: you as a slave, he can assist in training you... and you as a domme, he can assist you in training Natalya. His current content will also be slightly altered, to match that triangle better (him, Natalya and you).

I suppose I could tie the other Masha loosely to them, somehow. It'll be a while before I make additions to the sub story line though. I have the domme one to continue on first, and the post office job to finish too.

Q4-1-4: Mistress told me to go to the basement inside the sex shop and serve 20 men?

A. The sex shop in the city center. Go to basement, move to the booths and watch till the gloryhole option pops up.

Q4-1-5: How can I get the invitation about the bdsm club?

A: illume: You need play Natalya's quest, on slave route.
Kevin Smarts: You should have had a scene with mistress after just over 2 months. In the scene she is tipsy and pours you some wine in a dog bowl as she tells you about the club, gives you a card and then calls a cab to send you there.
You can force the scene to play by typing thre following into the dynamic input in cheat menu:

gt 'lesbimistress', 'BDSMEV'  

However if you have already unlocked the club it will fail and blank-screen, then you can either just go to the club with the 10,000 rubles fee and wearing a maid uniform, or reset it with:

BDSMmeet = 0  

Then enter the first one again.

Q4-1-6: How do you get to the BDSM club after 5.1 , with save from older version and were already in the access quest chain?

A: Kevin Smarts: The timer on Mistress's contract was not setup in the 0.5.1. release so it wouldn't run down and unlock the BDSM club or ever run out. you can set it in the dynamic input to:

mistresscontract = 280  

Q4-1-7: there a way or a cheat to reset sveta relashionship to mistress ? i choose the dom path to see if there is more content in the bsdm club,but there is not, and i prefer the sub path...

A: Kevin Smarts: If you're going from domme path to sub path, I think all you need to do is


I don't know if any of the modifiers set in the domme quest will create issues down the line, but I'm fairly sure they don't. The stories mostly use different modifiers to track progress, so all you need to do is reset the overall quest stage (lesbiqw), and the modifier that tracks which path you're put on at the start (MistressResist).

Q4-2. HOW DARE the porn studio and photographer reject me!

A: You must be adult to be legally into this career.
Kevin Smarts: Once you have tried and failed to sign up for a porno or glamour modeling, you can find the suspicious looking guy at the train staton in the city Northern area (he looks like Bruce Willis). He can sell you a fake passport.

Q4-2-2: Is there any progression in the porn career?

A: Kevin Smarts : Your porn career does see some progresion, you get more famous in title at the studio, pay goes up and the delay between films reduces a little. If we ever get around to the fame system a pornstar would likely be the single biggest fame gainer.
Q4-2-3: How can I find the porn studio?
A: nutluck: Three ways of finding the porn studio.
1) Do some glamour photography at the photo studio (you will need good skin for this)
2) Work the glory hole in the night club a few times - you will eventually be given a business card.
3) Work the glory hole in the sex shop basement 20 times (I think). When you go back into the shop choose the option to talk to the store clerk.
4) talking to the bums by the bins in the city 5) get told about the delivery job

The underage problem is solved by talking to the suspicious character in the Northern Region Train Station. (and buying a fake ID for 3000 rubles)

Q4-2-4: In the night club in man's toilet glory hole during one event you receive card but no new location appears. Is there something related to this ?

A: Kevin Smarts: It unlocks the porn studio if you haven't already done so.

Q4-3: What variable determines time left to do more porn? or the date variable for pregnancy? Neither of these are affected by changing time in the cheat menu (due date just gets pushed back and days until next scene remains unchanged).

A: tce: For the porn, set pfilmday = daystart Change in time does not change the daystart variable.
Kevin Smarts : Pregnancy is not changed by the calender day, but overnight processes that change the chemical balance in your body. There's no easy way to adjust that it was never intended to support time changes in the cheat menu and the fact that it updates the due-date is symptomatic of the way that it calculates it, not by design.

Q4-4: How can i call Nastya out?

A: Kevin Smarts: On your mobile, I think you have to wait a while. Was it a week? It was a longtime sinse I did the phone changes. I'll double check.
You have to be reasonably good looking, so brush your hair and stuff first and Saturdays are best for her.
illume: First keep yourself attractively enough (>80). Read dialogs carefully for locations and time.
You can only call her out on specify time. The 1,3,4th call only on Saturday, and the 2nd must NOT on Saturday. The 6th (last one) is not restricted.
If the date is on beach, but weather is not good enough, then She won't there, and the date will delay to next week without warning.
You can also check Q2-7 for detail.

Q4-4-2: Would you mess the nastya quest for exhibitionism if in the first day you get drunk and go for all ?

A: Kevin Smarts : Nastya should be OK with you whatever you do, she should phone you, but it can take her a week or so.

Q4-4-3: Nastya hasn't phoned me at all and has passed more than 1 week .. i would say that haved passed 2-3 months and she didnt call me yet :( is there any command i should check ?

A: golgo13 : Try giving her a call instead. For my play through I could only call her on Saturdays.

Q4-4-4: I'm stuck in Nastya's quest after the pizza guy phone call. She said something about selling photos but she doesn't respond next day or the next week. Did I mess something up ?

A: tce: You can still phone her once, but this is the end of the current progress.

Q4-5: How do I become a prostitute? They tell me I have to talk to Stella but I can't find her, and they tell me I need to buy clothes I already bought. Any tips?

A: illume:
(1) go to the highway near the park in city during 16:00~23:59
(2) talk to one of these prostitute, ask her How to become one,
(3) buy and wear cloth labeled as "prostitute", then start your bussiness.
nutluck: You don't have to find Stella - she will find you eventually once you start working the street (and demand money).
So does some thugs in a car. Some nights you make a loss :(
For Another kind of "prostitute":
tflover: Only way I found was on the community party with guys wearing suits on hotel
skazure: If you want to do that in Pavlovsk, you can kinda do that with Uncle Misha, but it is pretty hard to trigger. You need to walk around with cum till you bump into him. Then eat at the cafe around 5pm a few times till he shows up asking you for "help". A lot of people have problem triggering it, but once you did, you can then have sex with him in his apartment and he will give you some money for your "trouble".

Q4-6: How do I activate the new webcam site mentioned in 5.1 changelog?

A: Kevin Smarts: Its not actually new, it was always in the code, but not available. I'll have a go at sorting out the front-end and introduce it to the Komp when I get a chance. So there will be a choice of site between the two. This is on hold due to the images/code not being as useful as expected.

Q4-7: How can I selling things on the train station in town?

A: illume: You can know these in game. Applying the cleaning job in train station, you may meet the cashier, Vera Tsarev in woman's room. Several times later, you can ask her how to earn money, and she will told you this.
Spolier: Go City --> Northern region --> Storage terminal to buy some "small items" for 100 ₽.
You can store 30 in your room. If stepfather agree, you can stock another 100 in his gargage.
After 0.5.3, you MUST know this before you can actually buy anything in Storage terminal office. tce: It need to be between 11:00 ~ 11:30 or 18:00 ~ 18:30, then go to the train station in town.

Q4-7-2: I ask permission from stepfather to "store stuff in the garage", What does that do?

A: Lantera: The 'stuff you can store at the garage' are trinkets and baubles that you can sell at Pavlovsk Station to tourists, when the tourist trains arrive. If you haven't bought any (at the truck depot in City Industrial), you won't have anything to store in his garage. All this really does is it allows you to buy a larger amount at once, so you don't have to go to the truck depot as often. You can store more in the garage than the amount you can store in your room.

Q4-8: How can I start the Mira storyline?

A: Kevin Smarts: Go to village, visit the meadow during the summer and when the weather is good to meet Mira. After few times, she should do stuff to progress the events when she is there.

Q4-8-1: How can I start Mira's storyline? How can she grant me "Wishes"?

A: Kevin Smarts: Have you found the secret medow? She loves that place.
blubbat0r: You have to catch her with one of the local boys in the meadow. Iirc you need to go drinking with the locals with her a couple of times, and at some point when you talk to her at her house during the day, you will ask her what she thinks about one of them and she will indicate that she likes him. It's after this, that the event with the two in the meadow has started triggering for me in the past. I don't know whether her acknowledging it during talking is a requirement for the actual scene, though.
After you've seen the two, you can call her out for it at her house later and start the whole favors story line.

Q4-8-2: Can I got a brief review for Mira's Quest?

A: blubbat0r: The Mira story is basically you introducing her to Mitka and his buddies, her getting drunk and having sex with Mitka. She then breaks her promise to you to keep the meadow a secret and you can catch her there having sex with Mitka, which leads to you basically blackmailing/coercing her into becoming the village bycicle.
That being said, in regards to the "meadow spam": you can't catch her with Mitka in the meadow while Mitka is at your grandparents' place. ( at least I don't think so)^^

Q4-8-3: Question about Mira: is "the meadow" mentioned in the faw the field where the horse and cows from your grandparents run around, or is that something else?

A: Lantera: It's the 'secret' quiet place, roughly 10 minutes from Gadyukino. You can find if you explore Gadyukino enough (you have a 5% chance of finding it if you take a walk). Once you know about its existence, you can go there to relax. You can also invite Mira to hang out there with you, when you're with her... as long as she promises to keep it a secret!

Q4-8-4: About the Mira/Miroslava quest: I reached the part where I can "suggest drinking with the locals" but I'm not sure what to do after that. Also, I invited her to go to the meadow whenever she wants

A: golgo13: You need to go to the meadow by yourself on warm sunny days and you eventually run into Miroslava there. Chat with her at home afterwards about it and you can start some other adventures with her.

Q4-8-5:How many times do you need to watch her in the meadow? Whenever I do it and then chat with her at her house she just talks about trivia and getting drunk with village aragami

A: golgo13: You should stumble upon her with a guy (I think it was the head Gopick) and then you call her out for not keeping the meadow a secret. If you have not seen that yet the story won't progress. I do not remember how many times I went to the Meadow without her before I caught her, but I do recall it needed to be warm and not raining that day.

Q4-8-6: Mira is like the town slut now, I can find her in every place whit the boys, even tied up in the beach. What should I do now?

A: golgo13: It sounds like you have gotten about everything you can from Mira's slut route. At least that is all I have ever triggered during my playtroughs.

Q4-8-7: I am trying to finish the Mira "line". as in i try to get all the events in my grandparents village. so far mira only agreed to my 1st wish, which is to take it up the ass. after she does that nothing new happen no matter how much she drink and i very rarely find her in the medow. any clues? thanks.

A: golgo13: Walk around the village during the day by yourself. You will eventually have an event with Mira that will lead to her granting your second wish.

Q4-8-8: is there any sex scenes involving old men/Mira's father, Athanasius in the village?

A: illume: It should be Mira's father.
It another branch to Mira's quest, you must "Not Allow" mira go the meadow alone".
After that, you can visit Mira's father and got some more dialog. (But no more Mira events)
Lantera: If you visit him and chat with him every day, after 20 days or so you'll get more options. It does not progress beyond having sex with him, no.

Q4-8-9: is there any sex scenes with Mira's brother in the village?

A: illume: May to September, 18:00~21:59, temper >= 30 degree, he will ride his motorcycle from city.
if you are hot enough, and no pantie, he will agree to take you a ride.

Q4-9: I Finished the Training at the BDSM Club as sub, and can't really find anything to do other than the garden scene?

A: Kevin Smarts: There are a couple of random scenes, but they are little more than a nice image/gif and some text. I will be adding some more and there are already some image and gifs in the image folder for more small events. Plus I have one larger event planned and some images gather for it, but I have other projects on the go aswell as day to day stuff like bug fixes so it might take a little while.
I also plan to enforce some opening hours and give poor Elektra a couple of days off a week. Along with using some short photo series as shows you can watch and some you can partake in.

Q4-10: Who can I go with a movie date? in event "You and <<$telsob>> buy your tickets, drinks."'

A: Kevin Smarts: They are all from the city
Kate = Kat from the nude beach
Alla = girl you meet working in salon
Masha = girl you find if dom and push things when a salon treatment goes badly

Q4-11: How can I get the fishing rod from the fishermen in the river near Gadyokino?

A: Kevin Smarts: It just takes a few times before you can, try them again
illume: Fishermen appear in May to September: 6:00~20:59, with sunny weather
Chat with them, finally you can borrow a fishrod and start fishing.
After fishing, you can release your catch, Give to fisherman, or give them to village cat Boniface (the last one will recover your mana 20%~50%)

Q4-12: When I watch movie with my girlfriend at the Cinema inside shopping center, a "black chick" come and finger me, and say that I can find her at the dorm if I like that. But how?

A: tce: you need to have sex with African university students first before you can find Kendra.
illume: Go center park in city, have some food in the cafe, then it's chance to see some Africans. 50% chance to know their them.
then you can visit them at dorm in city center. Having lots of sex, they will introduce Kendra to you.

Q4-13: How can I get in the night club? The bouncer just drive me away.

A: Kevin Smarts: The comment from the bouncer is just based upon your clothing and nothing to do with reputation.
In 5.1, You can only wear 'naughty' style (Erotic clothing),
After 5.2, Clothing that is suitable for prostitutes will also do as naughty clothes.

Q4-14: Is there any sex events while working at the hotel. If not is there any plans to include any?

A: Kevin Smarts: (For 0.5.1) You can see some sex scenes, but they are not too involved. There is a plan to add another event to the hotel when working there, but it hasn't even been started yet. There are more events now and the chance to become a whore there.

Q4-15: How can I buy those aphrodisiac-stuff from the guy in the metro after version 5.2?

A: Rodziel: To unlock the encounter you first need to get event in city park where a man offers to sell you Pale Lady. If only aphrodisiacs are missing from the buying list its because you are playing a normal alter start. Aphrodisiacs were were somewhat fantastical so they are only enabled when magic is enabled.

Q4-16: How do I trigger the confession and sex in town church?

A: EKay: Confession is triggered by going to church during the hours specified and selecting the confess action. There is no sex yet. Due to health issues, I've been having trouble getting anything further written for the church.

Q4-17: I meet Tanya in the fitness center in the city, after a rousing round of sex she stole Sveta's panties and said to come visit her but doesn't say where she lives. So where is it?

A: Lantera: Tanya lives in the city center. You can visit her between 16:00 and 22:00, if she has invited you.
Q4-17-2: How do you proceed with the cute girl (Tanya) in the city center gym?
A: Sadicia: You have to have some + Dominance when you follow her into the shower

Q4-17-3: How can I get the Tanya's maid/governess work? / And where can i train as a maid?

A: Kevin Smarts: You can't train as a maid, but you can work as one for Tanya's parents
See girl at gym, follow;
Need some dom to start sexy times;
Can visit her place for loads of sexy times;
After alot of sexy times and only if you are pretty enough, she'll ask you about becoming their matron;
You have to quit any proper jobs (or use cheat) and she'll convince her daddy to let you work there;
By matron she really meant maid and mum and dad are more than happy with that;

Q4-18: I accidentally activated the incomplete "you're in debt to a muscular pimp" sunbathing at the lake event. It's starting to get irritating that I just get pulled aside for 5 minutes every time I walk through the town for an incomplete event. Is there a way I can disable/deactivate it using dynamic inputs or something?

A: Lantera: Try entering this in the dynamic input:

belgangQW = 9999

This sets the quest to a stage where it should no longer trigger anywhere. It's the stage that is used when your debt is considered to be paid off.
Q4-19: How can I be a vounteer at the mercy clinic in Northen Region? A: Kevin Smarts: The Mercy clinic unlock was from the bums in the trash place, but since that's now open for alt. start I think you can just work there. The man in question is the last job you get, you have to keep going back each week for the jobs to start and progress. illume: After 0.5.3, In highschool girl storymode, you can direct step in and be a weekend volunteer, ignoring the trash place part. That's presume there are some AD or Speech in school.

Q4-19-2: When you volunteer in the mercy clinic and start doing jobs from Olga, when you get the job to make a homeless man to stay in the clinic. How can I persuade him?

A: Kevin Smarts: You have to appeal to his panty fetish, try an outfit with skirt, panties, and horny > 50.

Q4-19-3: Who is Michael / Vika / What's the strange man who need a babysitter in mercy job list?

A: illume: check the 1.2.4 import page

Q4-20: How to dump a boyfriend?

A: Lantera: There's no way to dump a boyfriend as of yet. The easiest way to get rid of one (if you're promiscuous anyway) is to agree to meet him on a date, and then show up with cum on your face, or your breath smelling like it. They dump you instantly when that happens.
Kevin Smarts: You can now dump them by phone.
Degeneracy: in Pavlovsk, the only way I seen was to have Vitek as bf and have him run the guy off.

Q4-21: What's about the camera webshow work?

A: Kevin Smarts: the camgirl is available if you have a pc and webcam and your int is 50+ The old website function was tailored to the Sulgin apartment, but as this has now become a proper camgirl site, it made sense to open it up to all.
(in 0.5.2) The old website stuff is still in a file, I was going to make an alt camgirl site out of it, but it lacks a number of functions and images, so it has been put on hold. I'll find something to do with it, or get someone else on it at some time in the future.

Q4-22: Wait, are there brothel in the city center?

A: nutluck: (1) The one at a sauna you can get forced to work with if you have a debt with the wrong people and you can't pay it back in time.
illume: To be more specific: barbecue in Northern Region, 23:00~23:59
Benteparle: (2) There is one when your a student , and your in the student home in the center. Make friend, with your roommate, and if you do it right, you will be able to work there.

Q4-23: I am not sure since i have not finished University but can you become a Teacher in the Cursed Schoolgirl Start?

Kevin Smarts: You can become a teacher at the Gymnasium (technical school) from any of the game starts. Just got a diploma (real or fake).

Q4-24: Is there any prison related content, and does anyone know how to get to it?

A: Kevin Smarts: You can go to prison, but its just a 'You went to prison and it sucked.' With some stat updates and that's it.
nutluck: If you mean while in prison not a lot, there is only one way I know to end up there and it is part of a longer story arc. Most of the content is about the police trying to force a confession out of you.

Q4-25: In the magic stories, in the park how do you find the fairy?

Kevin Smarts: Just go for a walk there's a random chance it'll find you. :D

Q4-26: What is up with the vacant house in old town? Every time I've played the guy says "sorry darling, but the apartment was not rented wall." Is that supposed to mean the place isn't for rent or can I only rent it if certain criteria are met and if so what are they?

A: Vaelon: If you're talking about the apartment on "High Street" in the old town, you can rent it from the Real Estate Agency in the city, downtown. If you're talking about the "Vacant house" off the main street down the "narrow street" (which seems to be the case), then that seems to be something not properly finished. Just sweeping the assorted code, it looks like it was part of the original machine translation and has not been touched since because the code is a F***ing mess. :o

Q4-27: how did i get abducted and have the slave training ?I d'd like try this route

A: Kevin Smarts: (After 0.5.3) At the car wash by the garage.
pchs:It's both at Pavlosky(High Street) and Northern Region of the City. You have to work there - wash car Windows. If you are a bimbo/have bimbo clothes you will be asked to show tits/ass and eventually to give bj/sex. After the act is done, you may offend the customer (spit the cum) and he may decide to punish you. Then there is a chance after punishment to be abducted. The training begins.

Q4-28: My cloth got muddy while go through the swamp / dirty during my lost in forest, how can I clean it?

A: illume: check the Importation from Russian 1.2.5
(1) Once you return to cival, access your cabine to change.
(2) In swamp hut, you must wash it swamp.
To Wash: hot water in hut, or summer & in backwater.
To Hang: After that, you need to Hang it in hut or glade(in summer) (Cloth Moved to hut)
Then you must wail cloth to dry (5h/hut, 3h/glade) (Cloth Vanish temporary)
In this period, Sveta is naked.

There are events about naked Sveta in hut, and this cloth washing stuff is the only way a "non-slutty/non-exhibi" Sveta can strip naked and trigger them.

Q4-29: Where and how do I find a pet dog?

A: Violet Kitten: (1) You will need to own a home or apartment then visit the City center - shopping center - pet store
(2) Pirate at Grandma's barn, in Gadukino Village.

Q4-30: Is there any progression for camwhoring job ?

A: Kevin Smarts: Some of them unlock depending on popularity (on the site) or if you orifices are accommodating enough and some require you to be drunk to even consider. Also, a full range of sex toys will help. :D

Q4-30-2: As for popularity in camwhoring, I only able to gather 800-900 viewers at max, already do every requests from them. Is there any other way to get more viewers ?

A: Kevin Smarts: Each act gains some popularity, I thought it told you on the camsite main page as you start a session what it was. That many viewers is probably enough, you may have missed some images because they are only for smaller orifices if not the drunk ones have a few random outcomes so maybe its just that. ;)

Q4-31: Can somebody tell me how can i get "abducted"?

A: cloudgeomax : you work at the gas station with a bimbo outfit, you suck and or f***, you let him cum in your mouth then spit it, if you do it a certain number of time, you will get abducted to become complete submissive trained slave whore

Q4-32: I've been taking some vocal lessons in the industrial area and the teacher invited me to his home. I went with him, but then chickened out once I was at his doorstep. Now every time I take lessons there's no more flavor text, just a prompt telling me to leave. Any way to fix it/revert things to before he wanted to bang me?

A: Kevin Smarts: (replied on 0.5.3) Those lessons are very old event, it will get revamped reasonably soon but we have some variable fixing to do before we go back to content. There's no use for the vocal skill currently so its not a big problem unless you want to bang him.

Q4-33: Does Dimas from the residential area have any scenes?

A:Kevin Smarts: Dima who you meet at the supermarket will take you to his place if you go along with his explanation about joining his wife and friend on a dinner date.

Q4-34: One guy asks you to clean his apartment if you want to and it leads to a sex event?

A:Kevin Smarts: Yaroslav's apartment in the town center, you have to go between 16:00 and 18:00 as agreed. You meet him in the park if you are at uni.

Q4-35: Someone is staring at me at the park fair in city. When I get the option, it tells me that I just walk away or something like that.

A:Kevin Smarts: Vladimir will only approach you if you have atleast normal makeup on and your hair is brushed.

Q4-36: Is there any way to get out of the therapist's clutches? I figured I could cold turkey it, but that hasn't been working.

A: Malen:
Actually, it works, but the more addicted you are, the more bothersome and long it will take. I would suggest getting fucked a lot of time without cleanup (it negates most of the withdrawal effects if you haven't figured it out yet), and not going anywhere near the thaerapist (getting fucked does not raise the addiction, only hypnosis). Actually you can go to him, just avoid the hypnotherapy.
It lowers one points per day, but there are stage borders, that are a bit randomized. If the necessary points lower to 0, it will get a lower stage only if you run a lucky dice. The lower the shage you are on, the sooner that might happen (better odds), and the withdrawal effects lessen too.
golgo13: If nothing else works you could reset it to zero in the Dynamic Input Command in the cheat menu by inputting the following (input the first command, hit enter, then input the second one).

hypnoAddict = 0  
hypnoWithdrawal = 0  

Q4-37: What get's you fired from vocational school? Is it just lack of vocational skill or do you get fired for sexual behaviour too? And if so, is there a way to somehow corrupt the school in order to make it more sex friendly?

A: Violet Kitten: It seems that sexual acts like dropping your pencil, chalk and entering boys restroom, ruins your reputation. Sadly that job punishes you for being naughty despite having sexual encounters scripted. :?

Q4-37-2: Is there a way to reset your reputation at vocational school once you get fired?

A: Violet Kitten: Enter this into Dynamic input

teachlevel = 0  
workPTU = 0  

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Q5-1: about the new clothing system, what are the effects of having a short top or a short skirt ( compare to a medium one?)

A: Kevin Smarts: It does help your looks rating, but also it can be checked against for events and sometimes it is.

Q5-2: What are the new uniforms at G&M store for (Maids and Server, after 5.0)

A: Kevin Smarts: The maid uniforms are used in the BDSM club, but the server uniforms haven't been enforced for service jobs, they will be though.

Q5-3: also, any chance to implement a place where to buy swimwear in Pavlovsky instead of just swimwear 4?

A: Kevin Smarts: There is a branch of G&M next to the clothing factory in Pavlovsk.

Q5-4: Does there any exercise outfit consider as bimbo or prostitution?

A: In short, NO.
Kevin Smarts: When we re-did the clothing system, we decided that exercise was a specialist outfit, like swimwear, so we didn't add any specialialities like bimbo / prostitution, so the player would have to change which adds wear. This is intended to prevent just using a single outfit for all and avoiding the costs of maintaining / replacing clothing. It is a gameplay choice and one we are not likely to change. Its not a visual choice, but a gameplay choice. Having clothing for muliple functions reduces the need to change, which means less clothing usage. The wear, limited items each day and repair failure chance are very important for making players use more clothing and spend money on new clothing. So to make that work, we have to limit outfits from fitting into too many different catergories.

Q5-5: What does coat do? How can I put it on?

A: Kevin Smarts: Coats are worn automatically when temperature is low outside and you can change which one is your default in the cloakroom once you have more than one to choose from. You can also select no coat, but don't that'd be daft.
The default coat as with all coats has a high initial strength and will last a long time, but when it runs down it will be useless. The default coat is pretty crap and will only help a little (-10℃).

Q5-6: What are the pro's and cons of Bimbo clothing? How do they affect Sveta? Are there permament changes?

A: see Q2-6 for how Bimbo works.
golgo13: The bimbo clothes help you on the way to being a bimbo. If you wear them and have lots of sex you will become a bimbo. The pro, besides the fun of getting there, are a bonus to beauty. The con is a negative modifier to intelligence. The change is not permanent. If you stop being such a bimbo (have less than three sexual encounters a day) you will go into withdrawal, which will lower your mood. Takes around thirty days of withdrawal to play out before you have broken your bimbo addiction. While you are a full bimbo a couple of extra scenes/events are available, but not much else at the moment.

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Q6-1: Can I get pregnancy? Does pregnancy make any change in body or events? Can I give birth to child?

A: Kevin Smarts :
You can give birth, in fact if you don't when its due (it will tell you you need to go to the hospital) you can kill yourself. Your kids will show up in your apartment in text as babies in a crib or kids playing, but it is currently being worked on and improved to extend towards more interactive parenting.

There will be restrictions to activities and body changes relating to pregnancy in a version or 2, we are still working on that.

Q6-2: For some reason nothing happens when I go to the hospital. My due date just goes negative as well (ex. 6/-3/16).

A: Kevin Smarts : The due date is approximate, its determined by chemical levels and can vary a fair bit. Don;t know why it goes negative, I guess I'll have to look into it, or get Drugas to.

Q6-3: Anything new happening with the biological father?

A: In short: None for now.
Kevin Smarts : There are things afoot, but as this is all part of Drugas' project I don't know his schedule. My guess is he will want to get the baby part done next, before the father part. Maybe someone will do something to get the dating thing more erm.. good? That should lead to sorting out things like marriage and unmarried parents.

Q6-4: Is there a way to visually see or at least some indication other than that about the belly?

A: Oh, the generic bfs have a bit more, with the whole telling them and then they can either marry you, pay up, or be big meanies. The unique npcs vary greatly, but for the most part they haven't been given anything as far as kids are concerned.
Until someone hunts down the appropriate pictures I can't do body pictures for pegnancy. We are supposed to be sorting out the body weight and muscle to fat ratios atm, so it might mean waiting until we fix the current system before we add to it.

Q6-5: Is there any way to "speed up" pregnancy with the cheat menu ?

A: No for now.
Kevin Smarts: Changing the date can mess the pregnancy up with the timings and such, so I don't know if it can be done safely, maybe some links to preg chemical and date could cure this, but not until the pregnancy system is working correctly first.

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